I want to let you in on my organizing behavior…some might say obsessive organizing behavior.  I’ve always been organized and have always loved organizing things.  It keeps me on track with all the projects and activities I have going on so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that knows me that my Forever account is also used to keep up not only with my favorite photos and layouts but with my projects.  I actually have an album in my Forever account called “Christmas Projects”. These are my little something extra albums. I put images of partially completed and completed projects in it.  Since I can access this album from my phone it helps when I stop in a store to pick up supplies.  For instance, The blue “Dr. Who” Christmas tree skirt was given to my son in 2016. He loves Dr. Who. I did not want to carry it around looking for trim and possibly getting it dirty so I put the image before I trimmed it out in that Christmas Projects album.  I was able to pull it up in the store and show the clerk who helped me pick out a trim…not too fancy though since it was for my son.  After the project was completed I replaced the partially done project image with the completed project.

The red Christmas tree skirt is for my daughter this year.  She’s involved in the space industry and loves anything that has to do with space.  I picked out the pom poms bu u sing a picture and the silver cord to connect the astronaut.

The stockings are part of our family tradition.  I made my husbands the year we were married and he made mine. They are 35 years old.  We added four kids, then three grandchildren and then my son’s girlfriend this year.  I keep these images because I only have a set number of designs and it helps me keep track of who has which one so one family unit does not have a duplicate design in it.  I don’t have to drag the stockings out (or get them back from kids). I have the images close by.  I’m also keeping track of the Christmas ornaments I make for them every year in my Artisan software so I don’t use the same digital kit.  Its also a great excuse to buy more Christmas kits!

In my case organizing keeps me on track.  I love how I can use my Forever account for keeping my important family photos safe.  I love my account for keeping my favorite layouts safe.  I love my account for keeping my projects organized and helping me stay on track.

Stay tuned as I’m sure with the flexibility of the organizing structure in my account I’ll start using it for something else too!

Happy organizing!


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9 Responses to Blog: A Little Something Extra

  1. mandypena says:

    I like this idea. Sharing ideas about how you use Forever helps to inspire others–me!

  2. mandypena says:

    I like this idea. Sharing ideas about how you use Forever helps to inspire others–me!

  3. Gail Woodward says:

    Love this idea. Thank you for sharing.
    I have an album of hair cuts I like. Makes it easy to find when I want to show my hair dresser how I might want my hair styled.

    Gail Woodward

  4. Lindie says:

    Great idea. Thanks for the ideas.

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