We all have friends and family that are so close yet so far.   My family is spread all over.  I live in Queens, NY (New York City) and have family in the Bronx (also in New York City) that I see about as often as my family in South Carolina.   I am not going to lay blame.  Life happens.   I know my life is very busy.  Keeping up with my kids is a second job.  How do you stay connected then?  Please, don’t say Facebook! Yeah, I know.  It is easy to check in on friends and family by visiting their Facebook page, checking out their posts and pictures, but somehow there is still a void.

Remember when people used to mail handwritten letters with their life’s update?  Often, those letters had photos enclosed.  I used to love receiving and sending those letters.  There was something special about seeing that someone’s handwriting on the page and holding the story in your hand.  If you have 20 people to keep in touch with, that will surely be a lot of writing.  By the time you get to letter #19 the letter probably went something like this:

Dear Pam;

The kids are growing quickly.  Here’s some pictures.  See you next year!



Now what fun is in that?  That is where Artisan comes to the rescue.   Did you know that you can print 10 Tri-Fold Cards for just $39.90.  Yup!  For less than $4 per card I can send 10 special people a keepsake update on one or more members of my family.  The 5×5 Tri-Fold card is small enough to carry around like a brag book while being more cost effective than a brag book.  It has the convenience of a card, but with more space to tell your story and share your images than a typical folded card.  The best part of it all is I only have to design the card once.

My daughter is a social butterfly and 2017 is a big year for her.  She turned 13!  She had a solo in her dance recital.  She went on her first international trip.  I want to share her wonderful year with her 2 Godfathers, 2 Godmothers and her great grandfather.  Only 2 of them have Facebook, so they will really be surprised to see what she has been up to and how much she has grown. All five of them are spread all over South Carolina, New Jersey and Brooklyn, NY.  Then there are those great aunts and uncles and distant family members who would love to see what she is up to.   I can see it now.  They open the card and have a little family meeting with whomever is around showing off the card.   Even though all of the cards will be exactly the same!

With that being said, I have created a 5×5 tri-fold card so I can send off these cost-effective keepsakes to family and friends.  I plan to do one for each of my three children, but so far, my daughter’s is done.  Even though all 10 of the cards will be exactly the same, I left a space on the back of the card where I can write in a personal note to each person receiving the card.   I am so excited of the thought of the smiles on their faces, I decided to share my joy with all of you.  Click the image below and you can download a pre-designed 5×5 tri-fold card.   Actually, it is the same neutral design I used for my daughter’s update.  See how easy it is to create an update! It can be of your family, one or all of your children, your pets, a newborn, a Godchild, a new home, or even a renovation project. Create your card, order them at the Forever Store, and put a bunch of smiles in the mail.

Tip: Replace the background papers with different colors or papers.  Add a themed embellishment.  The elements of this pre-designed kit can be swapped out for a new look.

For instructions on how to download and install this kit CLICK HERE.

Note:  When creating a 5×5 Trifold Card project in Artisan the project orientation is reversed.   This is a 5×5 landscape trifold card project, but you will need to create a 5×5 portrait trifold card project to create this card.

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6 Responses to Blog: Friends and Family Update

  1. Avril Lawson says:

    Hi Tameka, great idea for Christmas cards to send around the World – if like me your family is on 3 continents! What size are the cards when folded? Are they normal size for mailing? Many thanks Avril
    P.S. is it possible to get a notification when someone replies to my comment on these posts?? I often forget to go back to look, or even forget where I’ve left a comment, but it would be good to know if anyone posted back.

    • Alison says:

      Hi Avril, The size of the card project is the size they will be when folded. So a 5×7 folded card will be 5×7 when folded. 6×4 and 5×7 are both standard sizes for mailing. Unfortunately, we are not able to send notifications when replying to comments.

    • Tameka says:

      Hello Avil. The card will be 5×5. Not sure if it will require extra postage because even though it is smaller than a 5×7, it is an odd size (square). I recommend you take it to the Post Office.

  2. Do we need to sign up for the Scrappin Safari Virtual Crop? If so, where?

  3. Kristeen says:

    What a great year for your daughter and a great way to share the memories!

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