Most mornings start with coffee.  If Tony is working from home, he usually gets out to the kitchen before me and makes our morning joe.  I love that when I am getting ready, I can smell the coffee brewing. This has become our routine.  It is a sad day when I have to make my own coffee.  Sometimes Tony will pour my cup, he knows just how much milk to add, and bring it to me in the bedroom. Over the years we have gathered many different cups for our drinks.  I especially love the personal cups.  I have one cup from 23 years ago with Angela’s photo on it.  It says “I Love You Daddy”.  Even though it is faded, it is fun to pull out and use.  I wish I would have taken a picture of Tony drinking from the mug with Angela.

With Artisan and the Forever print shop, I can make personal cups for family and friends so they too can treasure them for years.  Putting a picture with a caption on a mug makes a fun, personal, and easy gift.  I even have a “mug in a cup” recipe on a mug.  That makes a fantastic gift.  Fill the mug with the dry ingredients and top it with a pretty bow – makes a great gift.  Take a look on Pinterest for lots of mug recipes.

p2P has even made mug Blueprints.  We have designed them for our virtual crops and our p2P Live crops.  And, as a special treat, I am including 4 mug Blueprints.










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3 Responses to Blog: Special Mugs

  1. Laura Johnson says:

    THANK YOU KIM! It is over a year since you posted this but you sure helped me out today! XOXO Laura

  2. says:

    Love the mugs, I made one for my husband for Christmas last year. Also made one for his employee which included a picture of our truck that he drove. They are wonderful gifts. Who doesn’t like mugs?

  3. Ann Marie says:

    Thank you! I know what my angel sister’s kids will be getting this year for Christmas!

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