Time is marching on since our wonderful European trip in late April/early May. (It was a 17 day tour of the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain, visiting the major sites of importance to the Reformation 500 years before.) I’m working on scrapping my trip photos, and realising that this will be not just one but several albums! (That became obvious when I finished page 27 in my album and it wasn’t yet the end of day 2!) As I work through the photos, remembering all the amazing places we saw, I keep thinking about all the new friends we made on the tour. There were 32 of us all together, plus the tour managers and guides. Traveling together, sharing meals together, visiting incredible places, and learning about the history of the places and people, you naturally get to know one another quite well, even in such a short space of time. I absolutely loved meeting such a varied group of people, from all over Australia, all with a shared interest in Reformation history. Aside from getting to visit places I’d only ever read about, it was one of the best things about the trip.

Now that we’re home and back in our normal routines, the chances that we’ll all get together again are small. Australia is a BIG country, and we’re spread out all over it. As I scrap the trip photos, and see the faces of our group again, I keep wanting to have us all back together, saying “Remember when…?” Of course, these days there are lots of options for staying in touch with people. Social media makes it so easy! We can share photos with one another, and reminisce, and enjoy our shared memories. Our tour manager has already shared his photos with us all. I could easily share my Forever album with all my trip photos in it with the rest of our group. But I’ve chosen not to do that, and I’ll tell you why.

What I love about scrapbooks is that they’re even better than a bunch of photos. They’re photos with the meaning attached. The time and care I put into scrapping my photos says something about what they mean to me, but more importantly, scrapbook pages allow me to tell the stories of the photos.  The journaling on my pages tells the story of our trip from my perspective – it gives these photos that any one of us could have taken a context and a meaning beyond what you can see in the photos themselves. My scrapbook pages express what the trip meant to me, through the words I use, and even through the designs and choice of colours & papers and fonts. That’s what I want to share – with the others on our tour and with my friends and family.

So instead of uploading all my photos to Forever and sharing them, I’m uploading my completed scrapbook pages as they’re done. It’s so easy to get into the habit of saving my pages directly from Artisan into my Forever album. (All you have to do is click File > Share > Save to Forever, select the pages, log in to Forever and select the album to save them in.) And once they’re there – I know they will always be ready to share. No matter how long it takes me to complete my albums, the pages can be seen and enjoyed by others as I make them!

Here’s a sneak look at my trip album in my Forever account:

And here’s another page in the album:

Page by Alison. #p2PEasyChevronsPPM. #p2PThresholdFilterC47. It’s Wild Out There Discounted Bundle by Across the Pond. Western Europe by Lucky Girl Creative. Fonts: Bauhaus 93, Oranienbaum.




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4 Responses to Blog: Sharing the memories!

  1. Anne-Perth says:

    Stunning Alison. Well done. Question on the statues page…. its a bit hard to see but did you cut around each statue and then put backing paper in? I have something similar to do and that looks like a better way to display them, I think.

  2. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Your travel albums are going to reflect the renaissance of the places you visited! The pages are elegant and creative, while at the same time, capturing the memories of the trip!

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