Did you know that up to today we have published 373 “Bright Ideas” on this website? This week’s Bright Idea is number 39 – before that we used to call them challenges, until you told us that the word ‘challenge’ makes it sound like it’s meant to be difficult, whereas in fact we hope with our detailed instructions to present ideas, techniques, design  tips and more to make it super-easy for everyone. That’s why we changed the name to ‘Bright Ideas’.

Every Monday we publish a new Bright Idea. Over time the format has evolved but currently a Bright Idea post consist of:

  • A brief introduction.
  • A pdf with step-by-step instructions which you can view online, download and save on your computer or tablet, or print and file.
  • A sample page showing the Bright Idea on a 12×12 page. These are usually “real” pages out of our own personal albums.
  • A gallery of selected pages inspired by that Bright Idea, created by you and shared on our Facebook page.

Adding the galleries and including your pages has been a fairly recent innovation. We love seeing our ideas translated into completed pages!!  For example, here is the gallery for Bright Idea 31 Square It Up (click on any of the images for a larger view).

That’s what it’s all about for us – giving you the tools to create pages and complete albums and projects that tell your stories and create lasting meaningful mementos. When we can inspire you to create beautiful pages, that brings us joy and gratitude that we get to do this for a living. We even love it when you tweak or vary the Bright Ideas – after all these are your photos, and your pages. Our instructions are meant to be a starting point, not a set of rules, so when you take them and run with them and add your own creativity – well, the sky’s the limit!

Obviously the galleries of member pages are not there on the day the Bright Idea publishes – so it’s worth popping back from time to time to see if your page is there, and to get inspired by everyone else’s pages. (Note: Only pages with 100% Forever content are eligible for the gallery.)

We all get stuck sometimes – I guess you could call it “scrapbooker’s block”. There are times when I’m taking photos on a trip or outing and I’m already picturing in my mind what the layout will look like. Sometimes I even take specific photos to create that layout. But then there are the days I have spent hours staring at a blank page or a pile (a virtual pile) of photos with no idea what to do and what my page will look like. That’s when I turn to the Bright Ideas. As the saying goes – no need to reinvent the wheel. In those 373 Bright Ideas (and counting), there’s sure to be the perfect answer for my blank page.

My starting point is always the most recent Bright Idea. I try to do a page most weeks using the current Bright Idea. Life intervenes and it doesn’t always happen, but I figure that’s 50 or so completed pages even if I did nothing else. It’s like a mini-crop every Monday!! However, if I have specific photos in mind, it might be that the latest Bright Idea is not what I need for that page. For example I might have lots of photos and the BI is designed for 1 or 2 photos. That’s when I go straight to the other 372 Bright Ideas, and I know I’ll find something perfect for my page.

I’m sure you already know that the best way to find all the Bright Ideas is to click on BRIGHT IDEAS in the mango menu bar at the very top of every page on this website:

But did you know that if you just hover over the title BRIGHT IDEAS another menu drops down?

And if you hover over any of the menu items that have a tiny triangle next to them, another menu pops out !!

If my mind is completely blank, I’ll click on Browse All Bright Ideas and then just scroll till something grabs me. But if I need an idea for a title, or a background, or a collage, or masks or anything else, I can click on that link and see all the great Bright Ideas that our team has come up with over the years on that subject. For example, click here to see 31 different Bright Ideas / Challenges the team has written on the subject of frames.  We want you to visit us every week to see what’s new. But we also want you to see our website as a resource that you can dip into whenever you want to, and find what you need. If you are relatively new to p2P, there’s a wealth of ideas that you missed when they were new – but they are still there waiting for you.

Happy hunting!

Here are some pages I created using Bright Ideas. They make me look far more creative than I really am!!

Left side – BI38 Big Top Title, Right side Challenge 210 Color Block
Content Used: Anticipation Megabundle by Little Feet Digital Designs
Fonts KLRahRahRah, Excalibur Nouveau Med


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  1. Laura Johnson says:

    OMG! I had no idea I could search so easily to get inspiration! I used to TRY to do a challenge every week but got side tracked. You have inspired me to re-visit the BI’s! Thank you Shelley!

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