Forever Live 2017 – Phoenix…what can I say?

We had a fabulous time.  5 Pixies attended while seriously missing our two cohorts, Shelley and Alison, who couldn’t make it this year.  We flew in the weekend before to spend a little time together as a team.  You see, our fearless leader the “Mothership”, Jan McCallum is retiring.  We are thrilled for her and the new adventures she’ll have but it is bittersweet for us. We wouldn’t be Pixies without her because we just wouldn’t “be”.  Jan had the vision to see what could be and pursue it. She had the vision for unparalleled training on a fabulous software and the vision of a team doing that.  A team with different strengths and ideas, from multiple backgrounds and countries and she guided us into a well oiled, fun loving Pixie team.  I’m grateful I was part of that vision!

We’ve shared laughs, cries and frustrations.  We’ve walked thru highs and lows with each other and done it with empathy, sympathy and a little prodding.  But those highs and lows, learning experiences and travels are what have made us more than a team.  It’s made us a family and lifelong friends.

Jan left us with an even bigger extended family, our Forever family. When we joined the Rock Star team at Forever we saw familiar faces.  We also saw and met many new faces and I for one have loved getting to know them and thru them their own families.  How blessed I am personally to be able to expand my contact with these new found, friends and teammates that have become part of my extended family.  They work hard alongside me and we put our heads together to offer an unparalleled product line.  There’s lots of laughs and even more hugs.

How many people can actually say they love their job and the co workers? I can to both.

At this convention I had the honor of meeting so many ambassadors from all over the world.  Their excitement and work ethic is contagious! Their quest for business building and learning new things was obvious as they moved in and out of various breakouts while networking and laughing and enjoying their time.  They made our “work” pleasant and fun.

I look forward to many more experiences like this working with my fellow Pixies and my Forever family.  I also look forward to working alongside our ambassadors to help their businesses grow as they share the importance of a permanent place to store priceless family photographic heirlooms.  Won’t you join us and be part of something bigger than ourselves?



Forever Live 2017 – Kit

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  1. Jan says:

    Thanks, Mary! It has been my pleasure and my privilege to work alongside you and the rest of the p2P team. I feel so blessed to have been able to spend time together at (and before) Forever LIVE and to have had a chance to bid farewell to almost everyone in person. And you know that just like a bad penny, I’ll turn up again! Y’all take good care of my baby! xx

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