Thanks to all who attended this month’s ‘Ask a Pixie’ webinar!  As promised, here are the questions asked and answered during the call, with links.  Have fun with it, and thanks for asking questions in advance!

The next Ask a Pixie webinar will be on Monday, 2 October 2017.  Click HERE to register.


Q. From inside an active project when I want to add a new page, how can I change the default book for me to choose another template?  (Debbie W)  and Q. How do I add the second half of the Day2Day book to the first half that I am already working on? (Vicky B)

Here’s a handy tutorial that explains how to add a page from a pre-designed page book: Importing a page from an Art Kit.  And, we learned something new during the webinar!  Instead of going to the Home ribbon to import a new page, go to the page panel and click the drop down arrow on an empty page.  Choose ‘insert a predesigned page’.  The first time you do this, it may revert to the Basic White PDP, but after that, it will default to the PDP kit most recently used.

With regard to Day2Day – you can either import completed pages from a new Day2Day second half project or you can import unfilled templates as outlined in the handout or steps above.

Q.  Problems with font/size not staying when opening text box to type instead jumps to previous font/size. Need to change a setting?  (Danielle L)

This is a bug that has to do with Artisan 5 remembering your fonts, but it is not supposed to affect existing text boxes like that.  Please contact to report it. 

Q.  Is there a way to add a font design not offered in Artisan to a project? (Charlotte P)

Only alphasets that are part of .pakits (sold only in the Forever store) can be added to your projects as Fancy Fonts.  Alphasets from kits purchased outside the Forever store can be added to Personal Art Kits, but you must add each letter to the page separately as an individual embellishment.

Q.  What is the best way to back up my Artisan projects while I am working on them? my laptop was stolen last week!  (Jenny G)

So sorry your computer was stolen, Jenny!  Using an external hard drive is generally one thing we recommend for back ups, but they can get stolen and fail, too.  We recommend sharing completed Artisan pages to your Forever account (File > Share > to Forever) as you finish them, too.  HERE is a great tip about backing up.

Q.  How do I upload a two page spread to Facebook? Every time I try the export multiple pages, it takes my whole book.  (Louise H)

HERE is a short video that will show you how.

Q.  When I enter a text box it has a white line around it that I cannot get rid of….??? I do NOT want it to print that way…. (Mindy K)

We wonder if it is a stroke that you added at some point, and Artisan 5 keeps applying it. Check the formatting when adding a new text box to see if that is the problem.  If not, please take some screen shots and send to or contact

Q.  The wand tool seems to be harder in Artisan 5 than in Artisan 4 – could you explain it so it is easier? Thank you.  (Susan T)  and  Which is the best way to isolate part of your photo using either the wand or lasso? Thanks for a great weekend!  (Mary Anne L)  and  Help with using wand tool to select part of an element.  (Carolyn Mc)

(Demo) Here are some videos and tips that should help you.  We recommend that you practice on papers or embellishments with clear distinctions between colors in the elements to get used to the wand tool in Artisan 5.  Also, be sure to determine which cutting tool (wand, custom cutter, shape cutter, etc.) is best for the task you are trying to complete.

Video Tidbit: The Magic Wand

Video Tidbit: Selection vs Cutting

Start to Finish: A History of the World

The Magic Wand: Selection Scope (Tip)

The Magic Wand: Visualization (Tip)

The Magic Wand: Region (Tip)

Q.  I love the Pixie Power Minutes.. are you going to create instruction handouts to go along with the minutes in the future?

We began adding Video Notes to Artisan videos (Video Tidbits and Pixie Power Minutes) in February 2017.  You can see them in the video posts on the p2P website.  We have no plans to make handouts of them, but you can copy and paste the notes.  There are no notes for Start2Finish videos or Historian videos.  Most Getting Started videos have accompanying handouts.

Q.  How to wrap text Box around an element (not text path)? (Jennifer B)

PPM: Text Wrap

Tip: Text Wrapping

Q.  How do I put one photo across 5 separated rectangles and still keep the photo live? (Chris B and Bridget C)

This short video tells all (and more!): PPM: Grid Collage

Q.  What is a good project for a beginner?  (David E)

Starting with a pre-designed kit is a great idea for beginners!  You can start with a calendar, a short book, or any other small project (mug, ornament, wall art, etc.).

THIS VIDEO will get you started off right!

Q,  What is the best way to get photos from iPhone into Artisan 5?  (Carol S)

I’d recommend putting iPhone photos in either Historian or your Forever account before importing them into Artisan, simply because it’s easier to organize lots of photos in either of those places so that you only add the ones you want to use right away into your Artisan project.  Here are some helpful posts:

Historian Video Tidbit: Get Media from iPhone Camera

Blog: Organizing iPhone Photos in your Forever Account

Q.  How to make a photo mat a 12 x 12 paper?  (Alison B)

Stretching a 4×6″ digital photo mat into a 12×12″ paper may not give you the result you want.  First, the aspect ratio will be off, and second, the resolution may not be adequate.

You could add a 12×12″ empty photo frame to the page and then drop the mat embellishment into it.  It will behave like a live photo, meaning you can use the panning tool (yellow handle in the center) to position the pattern where you want it.  Be sure to pay attention to warning triangles though, as the resulting ‘paper’ probably will not be at a high enough resolution to use in this way.

I would just choose one of the gazillions of full resolution 12 x 12″ papers available instead of trying to make something function as something it isn’t designed to be.

Q. How to center things on a page in a lay flat page or on front and back book covers  (Donna P)

You’ll want to make sure you are using the correct view settings when working on covers and in lay flat options.  Rulers can also be helpful, and you may want to make use of the Align tools on the Home Ribbon (keeping in mind that you need to mind the view – you typically will not want things actually centered on the page due to binding and trim issues).  Be sure to use the Print Guide and pay attention to the Print Preview.

Tip: Cover Views

Tip: The View Ribbon Part 2: Ruler Guides

Start2Finish: Family Holiday Cover Page

Bright Idea 39: Blueprint to Cover

Artisan 4 Tip: All About Covers

Info about the Print Guide

Q. Can you show different types of projects using shadow techniques?  (Claudia H)

Tip: Shadows

PPM: Custom Shadows

Tutorial: Adding Shadows

Video Tidbit: Me and My Shadow

Challenge 326: Inner Shadows

Challenge 301: Custom Shadow Titles

Challenge 202: Torn Shadow Mat

PPM: Folded Shapes

Video Tidbit: Folded Edges

Q. Suggestions on how to create clusters of embellishments for a scrapbooker with no creativity? (Alison B)

HERE are lots of videos and Bright Ideas about clustering.  You can do it!

Q. How to ‘paint’ a photo (Ruth A)

VT: Shape Shifting

VT: Shape Shifting 2

Artisan 4 VT: Painting in SBC 4 (This is a VERY old video, but great info!)


Q.  Can you delete the download of the kits once they are installed and are in Artisan?  (Teresa T)

Yes.  Once art kits have been downloaded and installed into your Content Manager, you may delete the kit from your download folder.  You must have access to the kit in the library folder you have linked to in Content Manager (usually called Commercial Art Kits).  Be sure to back up your art kits on an external hard drive and back up your activation codes!

Tip: Where Are My Art Kits?

Backing up Activation Codes

Tip: Backing up Content

Q.  How do you tag and make a category? (Maureen L)

All about Tagging.

All about Categories.

 And we have an entire section on Content Manager!  Important take home messages:

  • You can scrapbook even if your content is not tagged and categorized.
  • Do not spend all of your scrapbook time organizing – make some pages, too.
  • Create tags and categories for things you KNOW you will want to use.  It is not necessary to tag every single element or paper and it is not necessary to have every kit in a category.
  • Create or adopt a system that works for you and stick with it.  Continue to organize as you add content.
  • In the case of a new computer, a new EHD, a new EHD drive letter, or migration of your content from one folder to another, you will LOSE your categories.  Tags will stay with the element.
  • Consider making specific categories for specific projects.

This TIP should help if your content is a mess on your computer.

Here are some blog posts regarding organization and personal systems:

Blog: Out of Control: A Tale of my Content Manager by Tameka

Vlog: Personal Content Manager Tour a video blog by Tameka

Blog: Organising Content is a lot like Ironing by Shelley

Blog: This Time I’ve Got It – I Hope by Shelley

Ready to Scrapbook by Mary

Ready to Scrapbook 2 by Mary

Q.  Can we rename content? Lots of the DoftheD content have really LONG names, can we shorten the name without compromising it.  (Kathleen E)

HERE is an Artisan 5 tip about how to do this.

THIS is an Artisan 4 tip on the same subject.

Q. How do you delete a duplicate artwork package in Artisan?  Specifically how to delete the package from the drop down menu in Artisan. This is probably a very easy fix but I can not find the answer. Thanks!  (Cindy B)

Tip: How to Delete an Art Kit


Q.  How do we save templates/blueprints (what is the difference between the 2) that we custom create to reuse for other projects?  (Jen D)

Blueprints are Forever pixels2Pages-branded templates and are protected by US copyright laws.  Templates are live page files that can be opened in Artisan.  Many Artisan digital art kits contain templates – Click Collage and Design Maps (both by Forever) are examples of templates that are also branded.

Artisan gives you an option to save a page as a .page or a .artpage file, which means it can be saved as a live page that you could use again.  Most of the time, you would want to remove photos, papers, embellishments, and text before saving a page for future use.  Remember that you cannot share live pages containing digital art content with someone who has not purchased those kits.

This tip is an Artisan 4 tip, but it contains info about saving as a .page file.  Only .page files can be opened by all Artisan/SBC versions.

Tip: Saving Options in Artisan 4

Q. Help with unzipping monthly blueprints, please!  (Carol S)

We have a TON of info about downloading, unzipping, saving, and using Blueprints!

Getting Started: About Blueprints

Searching for Blueprints (in Windows): 

Maximize Your Membership with Blueprints recorded webinar

Q.  I am afraid to get started. I tried one but don’t like it can I get rid of it?  (Cathy V)

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking, but if this is about using a pre-designed page or Blueprint and then wanting to change it to something different, the answer is yes!


Q. What webinars (like this one) or monthly learning videos are offered to members by Forever, Artisan, P2P and when are they?  (Cathy V)

Ask a Pixie webinars are offered on the first Monday of the month (excepting holidays) at 9 PM Eastern time.  Maximize Your Membership with pixels2Pages webinars are offered on the third Monday of the month (excepting holidays) at 9 PM Eastern time.  These videos are usually recorded and they are open to anyone, although you must pre-register for them.

Watch Ask a Pixie recordings and register for future ones.

Watch Maximize Your Membership recordings and register for future ones.

pixels2Pages offers FREE Getting Started courses (videos, tutorials, tips, etc.) for both Artisan and Historian.

pixels2Pages members have access to the entire back-catalogue of videos on our website (amounting to hundreds of videos!). A new video for members is published every week on Thursdays.

Q. Best way to get started? (Jeanne T) and Q. I don’t feel I am using my P2pages subscription effectively. Do you have some steps for me to offer my customers to help us all?  (Veronica S)

Start with most recent posts and watch/read/do.

Search for something you want to know.

Read Pages magazine and be inspired – the links in it go directly to the website. 

Download and print our monthly calendar (remember to get each month’s calendar from Rabbit, Rabbit)

Sign up for our email lists:

  • Intro to p2P emails: a series of emails that will introduce you to the website, one feature at a time
  • Regular email list: published several times a month, featuring p2P news

Read Rabbit, Rabbit: a handy review and preview of p2P happenings posted on the first of each month

Join our Facebook groups: Forever Good2Know; Our2Cents, Plan2Scrap and like (and follow) our Facebook page.

Attend our Quarterly Crops – next one is Sept 29 – Oct 1. Not sure what a virtual crop is or how it works?  Click HERE to learn more.

Most of all, remember that pixels2Pages is meant to be FUN.  Use it in a way that works for you!  There is so much information here – you don’t have to know it all, read it all, watch it all, or do it all – it’s here for you when you need it!

Q.  How many members strong is pixels2Pages? Love my membership and my Artisan. (Sue T)

We have more members than ever before, but not nearly as many as we could have!  Our goal is for all Artisan users to have a p2P membership!


Q. Can you please post a schedule of your quarterly virtual crops on the website?  That is if you know for the coming year.  (Kathleen E)

We plan about a quarter in advance, but they are usually in January, April, July, and October.  The next crop will be 29 September to 1 October 2017.


Q. Is there a handout available that lists the step by step information we need to submit to Forever when we run into a problem? (Kathleen E)

We do not have a handout, but here’s a blog post that should help.

Q. I have my pictures in cloud. How do I transfer them from my camera to my computer?  (Trudy S)

If your photos are already in your Forever account, you can easily download them to your computer from Forever.  If not, you’ll need a card reader (most new computers have them) or you’ll need to use your camera’s USB cord to connect to your computer so that you can download your photos.

Q. New home computer, what is the easiest way to transfer Artisan and purchased digital art kids to new computer?  (Nina K)

Remember to back things up first!  Here is a (free) TIP that will help.

Q.  How can I get my pages to save faster?  (Maryann L)

Make sure you have plenty of space available on your computer’s hard drive.  Optimize your pages before saving.  Contact Forever support if you have big issues with saving.


Q.  How do I make the layout in Historian and import into Artisan?  (Cathy H)

 You can create entire books in Historian and print them at Forever, but you cannot import those pages into Artisan.

Historian Video: Forever Print Shop Photo Book Album Planner


Featured image content used: #p2PCoolCousinsBP; Adrier Kit, Artistry #2 and #3 Paper Packs, all by DesignerDigitals; Fonts: DragonFlight Pro and KG Ten Thousand Reasons




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  1. Dawn Higinbothom says:

    For som reason, my Print Guide is no longer working and my trim guide is not showing up on any of my projects. I have gone into Guides and do have “Show both page and trim outlines. I am not sure if Print Guide has anything to do with this, but nothing happens when I click on Print Guide either. I have done everything that I know short of uninstalling Artisan 5 and reinstalling it. Any help would be much appreciated!!

  2. Nancy Campbell says:

    How do I transfer a HUGE Storybook project I started from the hard drive of old computer (that crashed) to a new laptop already prepped with A5 and H4? I figured out how to copy pages (very slow), but it doesn’t let me transfer the cover. I can work with old hard drive as an EHD, but it’s a pain and I’d rather have it on my new system if possible. Any thoughts? Thanks

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