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If you have ever completed an album, then struggled to come up with a design for the cover, you’ll be excited to hear that we have a new collection of cover Blueprints in the Forever Store today! The Cover Blueprint Collection #2 features 6 brand new cover designs for 12×12 hardbound books. These stylish, fully customizable covers will look great on any project! Click HERE to purchase the Cover Blueprint Collection #2.

And that’s not all! Those of you who are newer pixels2Pages members may be interested to learn that we’ve added two more ‘new’ Classic Blueprint Collections to the Forever store.  These are from the final quarter of 2013, and contain some favorite designs our members love and still use on a regular basis.

These two collections of 9 double page spreads and 9 single page Blueprints (27 pages in all) will make the perfect starting point for any project. Blueprints included in these collections are: High and Low, Hour By Hour (L&R), Fabulous (L&R), Red (L&R), Argyle Dad, Unbirthday Song, Farmer’s Market (L&R), Grand Bazaar (L&R), Time To (L&R), Celebrate, Poppykettle, Faith, Tortugas, Twin Peaks (L&R), Queen Victoria Market (L&R), Triangle Seven (L&R), The Gift, License Plates. Click HERE to purchase the 12×12 Fourth Quarter 2013 Blueprint Collection, or HERE to purchase the 11×8.5 Fourth Quarter Blueprint Collection.

Purchasing Blueprint Collections from the Forever store is a great way to expand your Blueprint collections; however, be aware that Blueprints in the Forever store are in .pakit format, which means they behave differently than the monthly p2P membership Blueprint downloads.

If you are not sure how to find and import Blueprints purchased in the Forever store, please click HERE for a tutorial (downloadable and printable) that will walk you through the process.  To learn how to use and fill a Blueprint, click HERE.

Here are some pages created using Blueprints from these new kits:

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4 Responses to News: Three new p2P Blueprint Collections in the Forever Store!

  1. says:

    If I purchase the cover collection, do I download and add them to my blueprint collection. Will they be mixed in with my 12 X 12 blueprints?

    • Alison says:

      The Blueprints we sell in the FOREVER Store are in .pakit format, like all the other digital art kits in the store. You import them into your Artisan library in the same way as you do other art kits. To access the cover Blueprints, click on the cover of your project, go to Template > Using a template page from an art kit, then select the Cover Blueprint Collection from your library. Choose the Blueprint you want from the list. When it is showing in the preview, click Change template.

  2. If you have been a P2P member from the beginning, you will already have these, right?

    • Shelley says:

      You should have the two classic collections, if you were a member in the last 3 months of 2013. The cover collection is new, and not previously published anywhere.

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