Growing up, my family traveled from California to Durango, Colorado for summer vacations.  We would leave in the evening so that when driving across the Mojave Desert, it would be in the middle of the night.  Our car did not have air conditioning, so traveling at night made the journey more bearable.  My dad made as few stops as possible.  Total travel time was about 18 hours.  On this journey, we traveled north on 89 out of Flagstaff, Arizona and then east on 160 across the Hopi and Navajo Nation reservations.  Somewhere on 89 just before turning onto 160, there were these rock formations my dad called Elephant Feet.  He told us these were from a Woolly Mammoth during the ice age.  My brother and I believed this was an official landmark.  Each year we traveled to Durango, we asked “are we stopping at Elephant Feet?”  It wasn’t until I was much older (older than I would like to admit) that I found out Elephant Feet was just rock formations in the desert.  Fast forward to traveling the same route to Durango with my family.  I told Angela, AJ, and Joey that we were stopping at Elephant Feet.  This continued the family legend for another generation.  Who knows, maybe someday it will become a real “thing”.  If you ever find yourself driving this route, keep watch for Elephant Feet on the right (traveling north) of 89 just before the 160 turnoff.  Take a photo and share your experience of this historical (family legend) landmark.

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8 Responses to Blog: Elephant Feet – family legends

  1. Alison says:

    Love this story Kim! When I was growing up, driving to Sydney for holidays, we always looked for “the tree with the hat on” – a very tall pine that tapered to a point, then had a wider outcrop right at the top. It used to stand tall all on its own, but gradually over the years was surrounded as new housing encroached. Finally it disappeared a few years ago – I was so sad when it was no longer there to point out on that drive!

  2. Ann Marie says:

    Kim: Love the story and the beautiful page. How did you get the text to wrap around the right foot? I was thinking an invisible rectangle, but then there is that little section over the point I don’t get.

  3. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I did not know about the Elephant Feet! I will definitely look for them the next time we are out in that area!

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