Once a quarter we have an event here at pixels2Pages which is my hands-down favourite thing about my job. We spend months planning for it, and hours and hours working on videos, Blueprints, challenges, posts and advertising. As the event approaches, I spend more and more time cooped up in my office, and my family see less and less of me. Then, when the time comes, it means 3 intense and very long work days over a long weekend. I’m talking, of course, about our quarterly virtual crops – the next one of which is coming up next weekend. Virtual crops are most definitely the busiest times of the year for the pixels2Pages team.

So why do I say crops are my favourite thing in the p2P calendar? I first participated in a p2P virtual crop as a customer, before I became a Pixie. One thing about crops that I absolutely loved was the idea of setting aside a weekend to work on my scrapbooks – not alone, but in company with a whole global community of scrappers. I loved the gifts and the inspirational and clever ideas from the Pixies, and seeing how hundreds or even thousands of scrappers took those gifts and ideas and made them into their own pages. I loved how encouraging and supportive the Pixies were, and how much we all could achieve in just a few days, when we put our minds to it. One crop I remember there was a challenge to collectively create 2012 pages (this was in 2012 in case you hadn’t guessed), and we knocked that number well out of the ballpark! Most of all, crops were FUN. It was a real buzz to be part of something bigger than just me sitting at my computer, to enjoy the company of fellow-scrappers (even if they were on the other side of the world), to feel so accomplished at how much I got done and enjoy the accomplishments of others. I can’t think of many other activities I could be involved in that are so universally satisfying.

And then I became a Pixie, and saw just what goes into making these events happen every quarter. I am still amazed at the talent, creativity and sheer hard work my incredible teammates put into everything they do for FOREVER and pixels2Pages. A lot of what goes into each and every offering, including the crops, is unseen, but still essential. But it is SO worth it! Crops may be a lot of work, but they also give us a huge boost. During crops, we see everything that’s fantastic about our jobs magnified. We get to see you learning new techniques; taking our ideas and running with them; stretching your own abilities and creativity and finding new ways to make Artisan work for you; using resources we have created to capture and celebrate your precious family memories; completing projects and getting them printed and into the hands of your loved ones; and having an incredibly good time doing it all!

This is why we do what we do. It is quite satisfying to design a Blueprint. It is hugely satisfying to see that Blueprint being used by you to make meaningful projects that will be cherished for years to come! We love experimenting with Artisan to find new ways of doing things, but we love it even more when we see you developing confidence to try new things for yourself and loving the results! I enjoy thinking of ways to make the crop posts engaging and fun, but it would be no fun at all if no-one was reading them! I know I speak for all the Pixies when I say, we LOVE having you join in scrapping with us, and it’s absolutely a case of the more, the merrier! If you’re not a pixels2Pages member, next week would be the perfect time to join! Not only would you get to participate fully in the crop – you can also take advantage of our pre-crop membership special if you sign up between September 25th and 28th.*

If you are a pixels2Pages member – thank you! We so appreciate your support for FOREVER and pixels2Pages. Your membership contributes to the ongoing development of FOREVER Artisan, the provision of customer support and the development of more pixels2Pages resources. We couldn’t do it without you, and you are the reason we do everything we do. I hope you can join in the fun of the crop next weekend, but even if you can’t, we really do have a mini crop every single week at pixels2Pages! Jump in any time and have some fun scrapping with us.

*Purchase a yearly pixels2Pages membership here between Sep 25 and 28 and use the coupon code TIME2CROP to receive a $25 discount.


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19 Responses to Blog: My favourite (busy) time of the year!

  1. Viv says:

    I so look forward to these crops every time and set the weekend aside as soon as I know the dates. I love working with all my virtual friends that I have got to know and love seeing their pages and creativity also. Thanks Pixies for all the work you do for them. Can’t wait!! even though I am just about up to date with most of my projects – maybe I should get a real job!!

  2. Nadia Angerhofer says:

    I signed up for a trial membership on 9/1 and just tried to join with a yearly membership but it tells me that I’m already a member. It does not allow me to sign up. Thank you for your help.

  3. Sandy says:

    Ive’ got a lot of projects that I want to get finished during this crop but will be in and out all weekend. I’ll be playing when I can and checking everything out when I can’t. I love the energy of the crops and really appreciate everything that the Pixies put into hosting these events for us to get together with friends near and far.

  4. sistersunshine says:

    Allison, Peace & joy. The Virtual Crop is MY favorite time(s) of the year too, for exactly the same reason… THANK YOU (and all the pixies, past present & future) for providing us with this excellent platform to stretch ourselves and to have fun. *U* Kathleen

  5. Mary Calhoun says:

    Is the crop a Facebook event? How do we sign up? I’ve been digging around on FB and I can’t seem to find anything.

  6. Terry Vachowski says:

    <3 Thanks, Alison, for all that you all do to get ready for these crops. We just love them!

  7. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I’m ready and I can’t wait to see all the fun you Pixies have in store for us!

  8. Lori Morris says:

    Hi Alison, I love your virtual crops. I am looking forward to next weekend. I am and have been a Pixels2Pages member for over 5 years. I purchase a annual membership when renew each year. My membership is not due until December or January. I have seen a lot of special deals this year for members signing up. I was just wondering if there will still be specials going on when my time to renew comes up or if I should renew sooner than when it expires. Example the $25 discount for September. Just wondering.

    • Alison says:

      Glad to hear how much you enjoy our virtual crops Lori! We don’t know what specials on membership there might be in future, I’m sorry. I would not recommend renewing now if your membership still has 3 months to go, because you will lose those 3 months you have already paid for and the discount wouldn’t make up for that. When you buy a new membership, it starts immediately. Sit tight for now and enjoy your year and keep an ear out for deals. We will always let our members know when there’s a deal on.

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