It’s been almost a year since my mom went to be with her Savior.  Prior to that time my siblings and I sporadically got together for holidays, weddings, graduations, etc.  You know, the “Big” events.  In the 70’s we all grew up and moved away to attend different universities.  We married, had children and stayed busy with life. We worked and spent time with our immediate family. As mom grew older she lived with various siblings and we visited when we could.  Our children grew up and we started having grandchildren and life still stayed busy.  Mom lived with my family for 12 years and my kids were blessed and lucky to have a grandparent around all the time. In her latter years my mom lived in Louisiana near my sister, where much of our growing up years were spent. I’ve always been a bit jealous of families who live close by each other. We never have.

Each year we thought this would be her last. Mom had her first heart attack in 1977 at the age of 47 and quadruple bypass 13 years later. Doctors told us over the years she’d never make it past this event or that event or another 10 years.  Mom surprised them all and lived on her own until 6 months before she went to Heaven at 86 and not from heart problems! She was part of a tough generation. She had 17 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild.  She is the one who made holidays fun with our traditions and had a bizarre sense of humor that made the grandkids laugh while driving them crazy.

At her memorial service last year my siblings and I decided we would get together for those big events AND for one week every year (at the minimum) to just be together.

That week came about a month ago and we spent a week at the beach together in south Alabama.  We had the most wonderful time.  We laughed with our spouses and reminisced about childhood.  Some memories were clearer than others and since my sister is the oldest, she cleared a few of those up for us, which was also fun.  We decided a few things from this week:

  1.  That we will do this again…and again
  2.  That our guardian angels were flat worn out after our childhood and that’s why God sent us the spouses we have!  🙂
  3. That WE are the oldest generation now and have the responsibility of remembering and passing on those memories to our children and grandchildren and beyond.

I showed them my Forever Permanent Storage account and they’ve all decided to get their own accounts.  I’ve started working on my Mom’s pictures.  Lots to scan and I’ll send those off to conversion services. (Remember life is busy so I’ll have them do it for me).  I’ll tag the images so our children and the generations to follow have the details. I’ll share the album with them all.  They’ll know their heritage and the importance of family.  How much easier can it be?

Take time now, if you haven’t already, to begin documenting the lives of your parents and grandparents. FOREVER has made it so easy to do.


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11 Responses to Blog: Never Too Late

  1. says:

    I love this idea, Mary! I need to know, though, did you have your kids/grandkids there? Or just your spouses? Just curious.

  2. Barbara Kelly says:

    That was sweet!

  3. Linda DeLaughter says:

    You are truly an amazing woman, Mary! So glad you convinced your siblings to get their Forever account opened! Each time that I hear about a natural disaster, I hear people upset over their photos being ruined. I think about our dedication to preservation of our photos and memories, and I thank you and the other Pixies at p2P for helping to keep us focused on what is important!

  4. Connie says:

    Wow…..just read this and it makes me even more excited for a long weekend my mom, siblings, and most of the grandchildren and great grands have planned for next summer. This is something my mom has wanted to happen for a few years now. Thanks for sharing your great experiences and inspiration. If anyone has some ideas about what I might be able to implement to create special memories, I would love to hear about them.

    • Mary says:

      We kept it simple…we played dominoes every evening. Dominoes is easy enough to play while talking and sharing memories. It was funny though as our rules (We’re from Texas) and my brothers rules (from Louisiana) were conflicting at times. The “official” rules did not seem to matter so every time it didn’t go someones way we’d joke “Oh we’re playing by Louisiana rules, I forget” or vice versa. Lots of laughter. Cooking together was great bonding too.

  5. Gail Woodward says:

    Thank you! I love this post. It is so important and often we don’t realize it until those who know who is in the old pictures has passed on. I realized I needed to start writing things down after my father passed away and I was struggling to remember much of what he had told me over the years. I decided right then to start documenting, especially the older generation before they were gone. That was 16 years ago when CM was introduced to me.

  6. Jan says:

    Good plan, Mary! We try to get together with our sibs every chance we get – like this weekend in NYC!

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