I hope one of the reasons you are reading this blog is because you love pixels2Pages and all things FOREVER.   One of the things that makes pixels2Pages great is our Community.   We have a diverse community of like-minded people – we all love to tell our stories and preserve our memories.  When our community gets together, we have a wonderful time sharing ideas, giving feedback and learning new things about FOREVER Artisan Software.  Most of the time, that is done in cyberspace via Facebook and the pixels2Pages website.   Sometimes, however, we are able to get together live and in person.

Most recently I had the opportunity to train at an event in Cambridge, Ontario.   It was an event over a year in the making.  It was well worth the wait! pixels2Pages members traveled from all over Canada, some traveling hours by plane.   These are people that you know, yet you are meeting many of them for the first time.  You recognize them because they are active in the community and you know them because of the pages they post.  However, meeting your Facebook friends face to face is a priceless experience.

Over the course of 3 days, I conducted several breakouts and provided one-on-on sessions.  We played games and held raffles.  I even provided a sneak peak of my upcoming Start2Finish Video and answered questions live and in person.  We shared stories, successes and frustrations over meals.  We laughed and yes…we cried!  We hugged.  We learned.  We joked.  We created.  We inspired.  We tried something new.  It is hard to explain how wonderful a pixels2Pages LIVE event can be.  Did I mention that I was named an Honorary Canadian? Here are just a handful of comments from event attendees.

“Thanks Tameka Bond for all your help. I’ve already had multiple Ah-Ha moments.” – Juli C.

“Thanks so very much, Karen, Carol, and Tameka and everyone else involved in making this amazing weekend come true! I learned so much and feel richly blessed in having met and having worked beside so many wonderful people! Thanks for having me!” – Terry V.

“It was truly an amazing weekend! This was my first event and I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed it and meeting such wonderful ladies. Everyone was so welcoming! I had many aha moments this weekend. Thank you Karen Walker and everyone else involved in planning the weekend! Tameka Bond you are truly inspiring and I hope to see you again! I am spending some time looking through everyone’s posts from the weekend and love them all!! Truly talented ladies!” – Susan F.

We took a few photos at the event.  The photos truly show the joy on our faces.  Click the image below to see the joy we had over the weekend.Live events are a great way to learn more about FOREVER Artisan and to be able to ask questions while working on your project.  The benefits of a live event are numerous, but the most important one is “everything is more fun when done with a friend.”

Did you know that you can plan your own live event and hire a pixels2Pages trainer to bring professional training modules, freebies and expert training?  If you are interested, comment below or email me at tbond@forever.com.  Most of the pixels2Pages Team goes to live events to train and inspire.  I will connect you with the trainer closest to you or the trainer of your choosing.

If you cannot host a live event at this time, maybe you would like to attend one of our live events to see just how much fun it can be.  Here is our 2018 Calendar so far:


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11 Responses to Blog: LIVE and in Person

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks Tameka for making p2P Cambridge Live a success. So much positive feedback from so many who attended. I can’t wait for next October to roll around! For anyone thinking about organizing an event close to home, you will have a few stressful moments but its well worth it. New friends, meeting old Facebook friends for the first time and the wonderful training by a Pixie.

  2. Kari says:

    Hi Tameka,
    A friend and i would like to attend the Sebring event. How do we register and find out all the information. I have joined their FB page. Thanks, Kari

  3. Kristeen Kohrs says:

    What is the difference between a p2P Live and a Forever Retreat?

    • Tameka says:

      FOREVER Retreats are events that are sponsored by FOREVER and includes breakouts that cover all things FOREVER. There is usually a host ambassador that helps coordinate the event.

      p2P LIVE Events are events planned and put together by a Host and the Host hires a pixels2Pages trainer to come train at their event. The pixels2Pages Trainer gives the Host a choice of several training modules to choose from to customize their event.

  4. Mandy Pena says:

    Oh, Tameka… I so want to come to an event this year!!!!! I am trying to figure this out! I thought about Sebring as it is only 2 hours from my parents… but I think the one you are doing in Tampa might be a better time. Steve’s parents live in Tampa, so I am trying to see if we can work this out!!! It is so nice to see Face to Face!!

  5. Veronica Wilson says:

    Any chance you might be holding an event close to Pittsburgh? My friends and I are avid ‘old school’ paper scrappers, but I find I do digital projects more and more because of gifts. So Pixels2Pages has been a real godsend. People are blown away by the pages in the books or calendars, and I always tell them where I get the ideas. Or the Blueprints! I would really love a live experience but know that there is not enough interest in my area for hosting an event myself. Just asking. . .

    • Tameka says:

      Hi Veronica. FOREVER Live will actually be in Pittsburgh this year. However, that event is for Ambassadors only and will only have Artisan training on the last day. the closest event to Pittsburgh that is currently scheduled is a FOREVER Retreat in Virginia in October (See the link above).

      We can always come and train at an event in Pittsburgh. Events don’t always have to be large. You may want to consider hosting an event for yourself and your friends. Your group can split the training fee and expenses. If you are interested in more information, send me an email.

      • Veronica Wilson says:

        Tameka, thanks for the quick response. I had seen the Ambassador-only event on your calendar. And Virginia is a bit far for me to travel for scrapping, no matter how much I would love to do it. Just for giggles, what is the cost for the training fee and expenses? I’m sure one part of the expenses would be a venue, and I have no idea where I would go in Pittsburgh to hold something like this. I actually live about 80 miles southeast of Pgh, but thought with Forever having its corporate office there, there might be interest or plans for a future workshop that I could just attend. A few of my friends have expressed interest in learning more about using Artisan and even Historian, and I could probably get them to go to Pgh (for example) but I don’t think I’d be talking about more than 3 or 4 of us. Which probably isn’t enough of a crowd for a workshop for just us.

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