It’s that time of the year! My daughter’s birthday was a couple of days ago, and every year around this time I start to feel the time pressure. How can it POSSIBLY be nearly December? Where has the year gone? How on earth am I going to get everything done I need to get done before Christmas? Just in the last couple of weeks we’ve had lots of work deadlines to meet, medical appointments, celebrations, a rush of projects to complete and order during the Black Friday sales, family birthday visits, plans for Christmas and holidays to make, end-of-year events to schedule*, gifts to make/order/buy, spring cleaning to do (yes, I’m late! It is technically still spring here, but only just)… and more. It feels like we’re on a rollercoaster that’s just getting faster and faster as it rocks and rolls over the bumps and turns of life.  Or perhaps we’re caught up in a whirlwind that’s spinning faster and faster until we don’t know which way is up!

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. Some of you, too, are feeling the pressure and starting to panic just a bit – or perhaps, if we’re honest, more than a bit? It’s always a good idea, but particularly at this time of the year, to stop, take a deep breath, and remember how blessed we are! I love the American tradition of Thanksgiving – the idea of stopping to remember your blessings and be grateful. Unfortunately, it seems that for some, Thanksgiving has become such a huge event with so many expectations that it is just another source of busy-ness and stress!

I spend some of my time working on the Help Desk at Forever, answering support questions and helping people out with the software, art kits, navigating their FOREVER accounts and so on. At this time of the year, with super Black Friday deals happening, and holiday shipping deadlines looming, I encounter a lot of people who are stressed and worried about their projects. When you are feeling under pressure, it’s easy to panic and flounder. Often I deal with someone who had some kind of error message, or unexpected thing happen, and they just tried clicking everything they could to see if it would work. Or they post on Facebook in a tizz, begging to know if someone else has had the same thing happen, and what they did to fix it.

Facebook is a great resource, but it really is so much better when you have problems of a technical nature to go straight to FOREVER Support, either by calling 1-888-Forever or emailing When you put in a support ticket at Forever, the question can be routed to the right person to answer. You’ll be asked to give as much information about the issue as possible, and the Help Desk staff will work with you until you get a resolution. Not only will you get the best advice possible, we will also be building up our picture of the sorts of issues people have and building a more comprehensive response for everyone. If there are issues that need a technical or developer fix, we can gather the information we need to ensure that our products and the user experience are the best they can be. Sometimes it won’t be quick – if we need to update the software there will be lots of careful testing before any update goes out to ensure the fix doesn’t break something else – but we will strive to get a good result for all our customers as quickly as we can.

So, can I urge you, don’t panic! Don’t let the busyness get on top of you, and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, count to 10, then take things slowly and systematically. Ask for help if you need it. Don’t sweat it if you miss a sale or a deadline – sales will come round again. Your love is more important to your family and friends than all the “perfect” gifts in the world. Take a moment to tell someone you love them. Give a hug instead of stressing. Enjoy the time you spend with family, and enjoy making special memories together. Then enjoy preserving those memories with FOREVER!


* In Australia, the school year, and so the year for most other activities, is the calendar year, so in the lead-up to Christmas is also when we do all the end-of-year things for teachers and friends, church, school, work, music etc.

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5 Responses to Blog: Don’t Panic!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Wow Alison! I can’t imagine having spring cleaning, end of school activities, AND Christmas all falling in the same time period. That sure must be a busy time! I’m thankful that in the US they are three different times of the year. Great advice in this blog. Thanks

  2. Donna Ames says:

    Thank you for your words. I almost panicked tonight when I was making a calendar and the pages appeared to save, but the ones on the right side of the screen weren’t showing the changes. However, they really were saving, and now they are back. I would have contacted support because I’ve always had good help there. But I sure would like to get these calendars finished since they are supposed to be Christmas gifts. 🙂

  3. Jan says:

    Great reminders, Alison!

  4. Jean Young says:

    Wonderful advice Alison! As you said, the sales will come around again. Thank you.

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