In the past, most of my travels and long fabulous trips were documented separately from our family albums.  But now, I try and focus on the day to day happenings in life which include occasional visits to see our kids. Since my kids have moved away to start life’s adventures, I treasure the weekends we get to spend with them.  Our kids, like many of yours, are grown, and have jobs. One has a post graduate degree and two are working on it so they have very few days “free” to just hang out.  Last month, we were blessed to see three of our four children who live out of town.  We savor the memories made just experiencing life where they live.  We rode bikes with our oldest on Venice Beach near where she lives in California and checked out the places she loves to frequent. She took us to a fabulous OLD bowling alley that was just the kind of place we love to visit.  She and her dad get at least a couple games of bowling in every time they’re together. She’s been really good about exploring and experiencing new things and she shared many of those with us. We met some of the girls she coaches and had fun treating her to a trip to Universal Studios.

The next weekend, we drove south from our home to College Station, Texas where our son is attending school and working.  Because his girlfriend did not have the weekend off we opted to help him build a project he’s been wanting to do for a long time.  His dad has always loved wood working as did his grandfather and now it appears he’s enjoying it too.  He designed a headboard out of an antique door we found for a few dollars.  He’s on a tight budget so this project fit in perfectly.  He and his dad built it and then he and Carly, his girlfriend, and I painted it.  We then enjoyed an evening out with some of their friends and treasured the fact they still want to spend time with us and let us spend time with them and their friends.

Thanksgiving weekend, our youngest daughter Becca, was the only one who made it home.  This was the first time in almost 34 years I have not cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  We chose to go out to eat and were pleasantly surprised how nice that was.  We came home from dinner and she helped us decorate the house for Christmas. The next two days were spent at museums and other adventures around town and just enjoying catching up with Becca, her job and travels, and all the exciting things going on with her friends.

We took lots of pictures.  Just your average pictures of biking and eating and laughing but though they may seem mundane to others, they have become special highlights and memories of important moments to remember.  They’re memories that reveal that our kids have turned into great adults and have learned to “adult” very well.  That’s a new term we learned from them, too!

So savor the everyday.  Whether your kids are still little, out of the nest like mine, or somewhere in-between, take pictures of everyday occurrences.  Consider starting a Day2Day project for 2018, savor moments and choose joy in all the adventures, good and difficult , that 2018 will bring. There’s also a very cute kit that goes with the 2018 Day2Day Pre-Designed Pages.

Wishing you a year full of blessings,


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