Are you getting overwhelmed with the sheer volume of new digital content available at the Forever Store? We are spoiled for choice with lots of different designers and beautiful new kits becoming available on the first & third Friday of each month. It’s fabulous, and sometimes hard to keep up!

Here are handy checklists you can print and save to help you keep track of the new digital content. Just click the dated link to download that month’s checklist.

Click on the date link below to download the new content released on that date:

2018 –

NOTE: New Content Checklists have been discontinued effective February 2018.  For helpful information on keeping track of your content, CLICK HERE.

January 5  January 19


January 6  January 20  February 3  February 17  March 3  March 17
April 7  April 21  May 5  May 19 June 2  June 16 
 July 7  July 21  August 4 August 18   September 1 September 15 
October 6   October 20 November 3  November 17  December 1 December 15


January 1  January 15  February 5 February 19   March 4  March 18
April 1  April 15
May 6  May 20  June 3   June 17
 July 1 July 15   August  5  August 19 September 2   September 16
October 7  October 21   November 4  November 18  December 2 December 16 


January 2 January 15 February 2 February 17 March 2 March 20
April 3 April 17 May 1 May 15  June 5
 June 19
 July 2  July 17  August 7  August 21  September 4
 September 18
 October 2 October 16  November 6  November 20 December 4  December 18 


August 15 September 2 September 15 October 1 October 15 November 3
November 17 December 1 December 15


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73 Responses to New Digital Content Checklists

  1. Are there of these for the next couple of releases? I so rely on these. Thanks and Hugs

  2. Is it possible to get these in a spreadsheet format, or available so we can export them to a spreadsheet. I like to have all the kits listed with a mark next to the ones I have, the designer, the ones on my wishlist, and the kits I am not interested in. Each month, I have to print & type into my own spreadsheet so I can sort and see what I have. I know you guys work hard for us, and I appreciate all you do. Maybe there’s a reason these are available in PDF vs. Excel? Thanks, Pixies!

  3. HarrietD says:

    Ty. I was hoping. 🙂

  4. HarrietD says:

    Is there a list just for the alphasets, including those in different kits? I would love to have a quick reference on what they all look like.

    • Shelley says:

      There is not. We thought about creating one but there are so many, and it would be out of date as soon as created it! You can filter in the FOREVER store for Content Type > Alphas, if that helps.

    • Chris Bremer says:

      I used the snipping tool and took pics of my alpha sets in my content and pasted them on a word document so I could have a visual of all.

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