I am so excited.  In 48 hours we will be sharing with you our all new Calendar Workshop.  The last calendar workshop we did was in 2014 and it was recorded in FOREVER Artisan 4. While many things have stayed the same, many things have changed.   We’ve noticed that toward the end of the year there is a huge rush to create calendars.  The pixels2Pages team believes that anytime is the right time to create a calendar.  We have designed the new Calendar Workshop to equip you with the basic knowledge you need to know to create any Wall or Desk Calendar, but all give you tips, tricks and inspiration that will have you thinking outside of the box.

As you will see right here on Monday, the Calendar Workshop is self paced, thorough, and well organized.  Novice and veteran users of FOREVER Artisan will find great value in the Workshop.  The Workshop will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week on this website.   If you have questions, ask them right in the comments section of each post.  The best part about it all is this Workshop is open to anyone who has a desire to create a calendar.  You do not require a pixels2Pages membership or a Free Trial to take advantage of this valuable resource.

To celebrate our Calendar Launch Day, we are going to have a series of live webinars on Monday, January 8, 2018.   No worries if you can’t attend.  You will be able to watch the recordings in the Other Inspiration section of our webinar.

Webinar 1:  Questions and Answers

Hopefully you have had a chance to go through all of the sections of the Workshop.  No worries if you haven’t.  We will give you a brief overview of this Workshop and answer any questions you may have.  CLICK HERE to watch the recording.

Webinar 2: Favorite Photo Calendars

Let’s create a  calendar together.  You have a little homework to do first.

  1. Decide the person for whom you’d like to create a calendar.
  2. Think about what events would be special to them.   Will standard US/Canadian Observances be okay, or will there be special dates you want to add on the calendar?  If there are special dates that need to be added to the calendar, be sure to write them down.  (The Calendar Workshop will show you how to add those dates to an Event List.)
  3. Decide which size calendar you would like to create. Download and install the appropriate free template which is available in 11×8.5 Wall Calendar, 12×18/8×12 Wall Calendar, and 10×4 Desk Calendar.  We also have templates for both 11×8.5 Perpetual Calendar and 12×18/8×12 Perpetual Calendar. (Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this.  We will show you how in the Start A Project section of the Calendar Workshop.)
  4. Select 12 photos.  Choose that one special photo to feature each month.  That one photo can be a complete scrapbook page that you saved as a JPEG.  Keep in mind that if you are using JPEGs from a 12×12 album, you should be making a 12×18 or 8×12 calendar.   If you are using JPEGs from an 11×8.5 project, you should be making an 11×8.5 calendar.
  5. Review the all segments of the Calendar Workshop once they become available on Monday morning.

That’s all of the homework you need to do before the live webinar.  If you have all of your homework completed before the webinar is started, you can have a completed calendar within 30 minutes after the webinar ends.  The best part about that is, you will be able to take advantage of the 25% off Calendar sale available.  Perfect timing, huh?  CLICK HERE to watch the recording.

Webinar 3: Poster Calendars

A Poster Calendar is easy to make and will look gorgeous on your wall.  You can also save this month when you print this calendar because all Wall Art will be 15% off. Even without a sale, FOREVER posters are so reasonably priced you may want to create multiple Poster Calendars.  There is a bit of homework you will have to do before this webinar.

  1. Choose one (1) special high-resolution photo to feature on your poster.
  2. Make sure you review all of the segments of the Calendar Workshop once they become available.

And that is it!  Join us for the live webinar so we can show you exactly how easy it is to create your own Poster Calendar.  CLICK HERE to watch the recording.

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10 Responses to Blog: Get Ready! The Calendar Workshop is coming.

  1. sdwyattcmc1@comcast.net says:

    Are these webinars on the Calendar going to be recorded?

  2. Jill Kowall says:

    Wow! Mindblown on the Poster Calendar – why have I never thought of this before! Love it! Can’t wait to watch all these webinars. I was doing a Calendar each year for my Mom & Step-Dad, Dad & Step-Mom, Amma (my Dad’s Mom) and my in-laws but adding the birthdays and anniversaries to each one was a bit of a headache, as with having “split” parents I didn’t want to have their birthdays and anniversaries on them. I always did it as a crunch for a Christmas Present. My plan is to start the 2019 calendar this month, but just do a month or two each month and order it once I have it completed – not so much of a headache close to Christmas. I need to familiarize myself with how to make it easy to add birthdays and anniversaries again. It looks like this topic will be covered. Does it also cover how to delete any that you have created that you no longer need? (like if someone has passed away and you don’t want their birthday on the calendar list anymore)

    • Tameka says:

      You are going to love this workshop. We have a tutorial all about how you can design one calendar to be given to multiple people, and apply different events lists to each calendar.

  3. Wanda Brown says:

    I can’t wait for Monday; am excited to learn more about the different styles of calendars!!

  4. ANN says:

    Looking forward to the workshops. I signed up for the first 2 and maybe I’ll add the 3rd one also
    Thanks Tameka

  5. Hope Fry says:

    I make a calendar every year for my mom. I add family birthdays. Is there a way to save so that I don’t have to add each year?

  6. Laurie Crawford says:

    Can hardly wait. I’m sure I will learn something new. I have one calendar I make April- March. I get so confused doing this.

    • Tameka says:

      There is nothing wrong with an April to March Calendar. Giving yourself the freedom to start your calendar any time relieves a lot of undue stress. How about adding an entry in the month of January reminding you that it’s time to make your next calendar?

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