Welcome to this Calendar Workshop! Calendars are wonderful and functional gifts that are perfect for creating and giving all year round. FOREVER Artisan® 5 Software equips you with everything you need to make beautiful calendars that play an integral part in your everyday lives.  For this workshop, FOREVER Artisan 5 Software is required.  If you do not yet have FOREVER Artisan 5 Software, CLICK HERE to download it.  Take a moment to join FOREVER™ Support and Training Consultant, Shelley Alexander, in this inspirational video.


We have developed this workshop so that you can tap in to all of the time saving and powerful design features that the Calendar tool has to offer. Take a few moments to view our workshop guide and idea booklet below. CLICK HERE to download a PDF of this workshop guide/idea booklet that you can print for quick offline reference.

The best part about this workshop is that it is self-paced. If you already have a handle on Event Lists, you can skip that section and go directly to what you need to know. However, you don’t know what you don’t know! We recommend that you review all of the offerings in their entirety. Novice and advanced calendar makers alike are sure to learn something new. Click on the buttons below to go directly to posts which contain a video that is specific and concise, a printable tutorial with detailed information on the given topic, or both. If you have a question, please type your question in the comments section at the bottom of the relevant post. This will ensure that your question and our answer are available for the next person who may have a similar question.

Finally, before you dive in and start creating your calendars, be sure to share this post. This workshop is free to all. Show your friends how easy it is to create a calendar 365 days a year.







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10 Responses to Calendar Workshop (Artisan 5)

  1. fbailey says:

    Hi-I ordered the 11×8.5 Classic Calendar 1 for 2019 from the store with the click calendar collage grids. Then I downloaded the free 11×8.5 calendar. Using it I thought I would simply have to “Add a page” from my art kit to utilize the click calendar. I get a message that I need to remove a page but I can’t do that. I have watched the videos but I can’t seem to find a section to deal with my issue. Thanks.

    • Tameka says:

      You can’t have more than the allotted pages in the template. Instead of adding a page, go to the page your want the template to be and got to Home>Template> Template from Art Kit to change an existing template.

  2. S Engle says:

    Hi! when i tried to click on the Gallery link inside the other sections of the Workshop it took me to my own Forever account not the Gallery. I can only link to the gallery from the button above.

  3. Jan in Peachtree Corners says:

    I can’t wait to have time to look at all the videos and read the material closely. I scrolled thru the PDF and went “Wow…” once again the Pixies have expanded my imagination as to what is possible and how I can maximize Forever. Such cool ideas – thank you!

  4. Jan in Peachtree Corners says:

    How long with this post be available?

  5. Debbie Hanvey says:

    I’m sorry, I hit the wrong key before I was finished. If the calendar webinars were recorded, where can I find them? I registered for all three thinking I could be there. First my morning got away from me and it was time to fix lunch for the little ones (I had planned to get it done early so I could be on the webinar). Then the Sears repairman came at 2:45 pm (my window was 1-5pm) so I missed the second one. Then I tried to run a couple quick errands and be back for the last one, no luck. Both errands to longer than expected. Some days just go that way. I have watched all the videos and read most of the tutorials, so I am hoping a couple of questions I have will be answered in the webinars. Thank you, Debbie

  6. Debbie Hanvey says:

    Were the webinars from yesterday recorded?

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