As I write this blog, the weather is finally warming up here a tiny bit. The high has been below 40 degrees now for 2 weeks but finally, here in our part of North Carolina, we’ll get back to more normal temperatures. Not to say that we won’t have more cold days ahead!

January means basketball season in this family. This year we have two grandchildren playing on teams that meet each Saturday. It was 14 degrees when I head out for the games this past Saturday morning. Think I resembled Paddington Bear as I stuffed myself into the freezing car! And for some reason, “the Beast”, as we fondly call it, refused to start.  A red light appeared on the dash – Theft – something or other. It would start and then immediately cut off. Hmmm. So back inside with the owner’s manual to see what could be the problem. Of course, there wasn’t anything in the manual – a thief could just break in, and read how to start it!  So, Google to the rescue! Is there anything that the Google search engine doesn’t know? Within minutes, my sweet DH was bundled up and hanging upside down on the front seat with his head under the steering wheel looking for a button to push while turning the key in the ignition. So thankful for a husband who can fix things! He fixed it in record time and then it was off to the first game.

In the past my basketball photos have been a mix of too far away, blurry from movement, seeing only the back, or just plain crummy. You can see some of the examples at the top of this blog! I’ve tried to be ready for the shot, but inevitably miss the good ones. I’m trying something new this year – using a feature on my camera that takes multiple exposures quickly. It’s called Burst mode and it’s the perfect setting for times when your subject is in action, such as sports or just out in the backyard racing from place to place. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to better understand my camera. It was an anniversary present 6 months ago and I still am not quite comfortable with it. And yes, on my agenda is to get in on one of Nick Kelsh’s camera classes! I’ve seen the results from people who have taken his class, and the photographs are amazing.

I know the typical New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and yes, that’s in the back of my mind, but the big one for me is to take a better quality of photographs. Our grandchildren are growing way too fast and most always on the move.  I need to be ready and  KNOW what I’m doing with my camera instead of treating it like a point and shoot; crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Here’s a page using some of the photos from my first session using the Burst mode. And yes, there were mulitple shots that weren’t so hot but so easy to delete in Historian. I love that program and although it does take some time on my part to tag and rate and yes, delete, Historian is fantastic piece of software. I can go with ease from one Memory vault to another, I can find photos from a certain date or specific person or place. It recognizes faces of people at most any age – sometimes it just  blows me away with that feature.

So my camera is charged and ready for Saturday’s game. But I’m setting aside some time tonight to re-read my camera manual and also to go online for a couple of tutorials. Check online for tutorials about your camera – bet you’ll find them – just ask Google!

Happy memory making and better photographs in the process!


PS – are you getting ready for the p2P Jamboree Crop coming up in less than a week???  Well, the pixies are ready and can’t wait to see what amazing pages you all will create! See you soon!

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7 Responses to Blog: Basketball Season is back!

  1. Carol Smith says:

    Anne: My goal for December … go through and review all p2P posts for 2018! I want to remind myself of the things I want to focus on in 2019. I have the entire month of January off …. so I’m heading to Idaho to spend some time with my sister, teach her a little about Aritisan … she is a newbie, and SCRAP!

    I loved your blog. I have two questions … 1. what type of camera to you have? 2. Have your skills improved over the year?

    • Anne says:

      That’s a wonderful goal for December.
      I have a Lumix by Panasonic. I wish I could say that my skills in photography have improved but really they have not but it’s not the camera’s fault. I really would love to take one of Nick Kelsh’s classes – have heard and seen the results of those that do. So my resolution for 2019 is to get back in touch/love with this camera and get out and take some pictures!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Yes definitely sign up for one of Nick Kelsh’s classes. I have found that with sports (moving)photos I need a very fast shutter speed, even if I need to bump up the ISO. Good luck and have fun in the process.

    • Anne says:

      It is definitely on my bucketlist to do. My father was a wonderful photographer (we had a darkroom in the house) and my sister obviously inherited that gene. I was as usual, hiding behind the door. Anytime I hear ISO and shutter speed, it sounds like Greek. I am determined to do better!

  3. Anne Cook says:

    We are in basketball season as well. (for the big boys anyway) and I’m always in trouble for taking too many photos but better too many than missing that good shot. Well done Anne.

  4. Debbie says:

    I can relate, thanks for posting! The lighting in our daughter’s high school gym is horrible, and makes for mostly sad photos, even when using the sports/burst mode. Thankfully I can fix the lighting and contrast later digitally! But that burst mode sure does make for alot of photos to go through and delete (especially when I accidently leave it on that mode for future photos) — haha!

    • Anne says:

      You are so right about the burst mode! I had TONS of extra photos but am thankful for the one out of 4 or 5 that work! I’ve left it on too but my sports photos are notoriously horrid. I’m determined that they are going to get better. Good luck with yours too!

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