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The pixels2Pages January Jamboree virtual crop is the perfect way to kick-start your scrapbooking projects for the year. Our crop weekends are full of tips, giveaways and inspiration to help you get projects completed and ready to upload for printing. Oh, and they are heaps of fun! The January Jamboree crop will run from early Friday morning, January 19th, through Sunday evening, January 21st, and will be hosted right here on the pixels2Pages website and on the pixels2Pages Facebook page. Regular posts throughout the day will give you the details of each crop activity, and you can earn badges for each activity you participate in. Earn enough badges and you will be rewarded with a coupon at the end of the crop!

If you are a FOREVER Ambassador, we have an extra special incentive to get your customers joining in with the crop and completing pages. We’re inviting Ambassadors to register your team to compete in a friendly “Cropetition” to win an exclusive Blueprint Collection for your whole team. Here’s how it will work:

1. Rally your customers to join us for the crop weekend. If they are not already members, encourage them to buy a membership during the sale (from Jan 16 -21, purchase a p2P Yearly Membership for 15% off with the promo code: JAMBOREE), or start a Free Trial monthly membership.

2. Think up a fun team name. Create a hashtag for your team to use to identify themselves when posting.

3. During the crop, encourage your team to post pages and participate in the crop activities. Team members who live close by might like to gather and crop together for a day or even the whole weekend!

4. Keep a tally of the pages your team posts and enter the totals on the Ambassador Team Cropetition Googleform we will post for you. You can enter your totals once a day, or just once on the Sunday afternoon of the crop. Every page your team completes will earn 1 raffle ticket.

5. On the Sunday afternoon of the crop, all the raffle tickets will go in a draw. The ticket drawn will win the exclusive Blueprint Collection for your entire team. This collection is just for the winning team and will never be given to other p2P members or released in the store.

6. The winning team will be announced at the live Webinar at the end of the crop, and the winning leader will be sent the Blueprint Collection to distribute to their team.

Don’t worry if you only have a small team! Every team will have a chance to win. The FOREVER pixels2Pages team hope this friendly competition will help you and your customers have a wonderful and productive time during the crop, and get lots of pages made and projects uploaded for printing. We can’t wait to get the cropping action started!

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14 Responses to News: Gather your team for the January Jamboree Crop!

  1. Patricia Lewis says:

    I am not sure what is happening but I renewed my membership but all of a sudden I cannot get access to the crop or blueprints. I have just moved and had internet connected. I have been off the air for a few weeks.

  2. Toni McDonnell says:

    What hour does it officially start?

  3. Barbara Layton says:

    Is there a way to find out what what topics were covered at the Scrappin Safari virtual crop and the Celebrate Everyday Crop? I downloaded all of the info and even did some sample pages for each but I did not label them with the corresponding virtual crop name and I am trying to organize my pixels2Pages information. Thanks.

    • Alison says:

      Hi Barbara, At the Scrappin’ Safari crop we covered Challenges 47 (Threshold Filter), 54 (Beautiful Borders) and 97 (Photo Series). The PPM videos were Easy Chevrons, Scalloped Borders and Spray Border. At the Celebrate Every Day crop we did Challenges 72 (Any Way You Slice It), 43 (Photo Booth Strips) and 112 Backing Squares. The PPM videos were Debossed Titles, Diamonds are Forever and Broad Stripes.

  4. Lisa Munroe says:

    What if you can’t participate in the crop because of previously scheduled activities? If I check in everyone once in a while will I still be able to benefit from the tips, tricks, etc?

  5. Cindy Rold says:

    How do we register our team?

  6. says:

    How do I register for Jan Jam?

    • Alison says:

      To participate in the crop you don’t need to register – just look for the posts on Friday. If you are an Ambassador and plan to lead a team, we will post a google form for the team leaders to fill in your team name, hashtag and page totals. If you want to join a team but not lead one, please ask your Ambassador (or upline if you are an Ambassador) if she has a team.

  7. Karen says:

    Not sure if its Chemo brain acting up or just my reading ability. Where do we add or team?

    • Alison says:

      You don’t need to “register” before the crop, but when we post the google form you will register by adding your team details on the form to be in the draw – just the team name, hashtag and page totals.

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