I love Valentine’s Day. Not because I like getting gifts or chocolate or whatever but because I love giving other people little surprises!  This year I’ve decided I’m going to mail my grandchildren and my husband a surprise Valentine in the mail. Maybe they’re not like me, but I know I love to still get letters and cards and surprises in the mail.

A few weeks ago at a p2P Live training event in Ft. Worth we worked on puzzles in Artisan 5 software.  I had such a fun time making one for my husband I decided to make the grandchildren’s right there in front of everyone!  We all enjoyed the project! This past Monday my puzzles arrived!  I was so excited to get them in the mail.  They get delivered already put together.  It allowed me to see the finished project which was very cool!

I however, want my husband and grandkids to have to work a little to see the message so I broke each puzzle apart, put them in individual padded envelopes with a handmade card and will mail them tomorrow!  I wish I could see the grandkids faces when they get their gift in the mail or watch them put it together!

I love this interactive gift.  It’s perfect.  Now what else am I going to make them for?  Graduation?  Congrats on a new baby?  How about take a picture of a new bride and groom and send it after the wedding? Gather pictures from the previous year of your grandchildren and make a puzzle for their birthday or a stocking stuffer for Christmas. I’m going on a trip later this year with friends.  I think I’ll takes some pictures of all of us together and make one for them to remember our fun times! The ideas are endless!

So open Artisan 5 and try a puzzle!  You may just get addicted to puzzle making like me!

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3 Responses to Blog: Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Carmen Franchino says:

    My mom loves puzzles and we will be celebrating her 80th birthday in April. This blog post has inspired me to make her a puzzle card! She will love it!!! Thank you for the idea!

    • Mary says:

      I can’t wait til mine get opened tomorrow! I’m having so much fun making them and they’re easy to mail. Would love to see yours when you get it back in the mail!

  2. ANN says:

    I made one for our Grand kids for Christmas. They really enjoyed putting it together. Then we put it in a frame to hang on the wall. I only wish the pieces were smaller so it would be a greater challenge to put together.

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