Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! One of my favorite days of the year but it’s one for which I am almost never home.  So every year, I buy Valentine’s cards early, (next year I’ll going to take Mary’s advice and create puzzles!) and then write in them, tuck them into their envelopes, address and stamp them, and then pop in the mail. The reason is that my sweet sister’s birthday is the day after Valentine’s Day and it’s gotten to be a very nice habit to make a drive down to Florida to be with her to celebrate.

About this time of year, my thin Florida blood is longing for some warm days. The box of Honeybells helped but my home state is calling very loudly for me to actually be there. Last year was a big birthday year for my sister and I almost made it to celebrate with her. I drove 6 hours and got within sight of the Florida line but pulled off to spend the night. I wasn’t feeling very well and ended up turning around the next morning heading back to North Carolina. And promptly spent the next 10 days in bed with the flu. Not something to give for a birthday present.  But this year, keeping fingers crossed,  we’ll get to have two celebrations and “gettogethers” with her children and grandchildren.

So what are your traditions for Valentine’s Day? Do you make a special breakfast? Do you create heart shape pancakes? And maybe you tuck in a little box of candy next to their bed at night?

One of my favorite memories of my early school years is preparing for Valentine’s Day. We’d fold red paper in half and then cut out dozens of paper hearts. And who remembers the paper doilies that we’d color and decorate too? I can just catch the scent of Elmer’s School Glue and see all of those tiny little pieces left over when the doilies were pulled apart.

Did you know that some folks say that Valentine’s Day began in France? That doesn’t surprise me that the country known for love would have dreamed up the idea of celebrating it!

If you lived in Wales, you might not get candy. You’d probably be thrilled to receive a wooden spoon otherwise known as a love spoon. These used to be handcarved by men to show their affection for a certain lady.

If you lived in England long ago, and were of marrying age with no promise in sight, you might place 5 bay leaves on your pillow to help you dream of your future love.

In Bulgaria, it was a combination of celebrating Valentine’s Day and the coming of Spring. How you’d like to be washing your face in snow? It’s called “Dragobete” and it actually means, “The day the birds are betrothed.”

It might be fun to live in Argentina where they celebrate for a whole week! You give a kiss and you get a sweet treat in return. Works for me!

And if chocolate just isn’t your thing, then dream of celebrating in China where you might receive a gift of fruit.

No matter where you live, we hope that you’ll have a love filled day.

Happy memory making, Anne

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