If you have followed my competition with my brother for growing our annual tomato plants, you’ll know last year I lost miserably!  I am not sure what happened to my garden.  I had planted a “regular” tomato and a cherry tomato plant.  The regular tomato produced some fruit.  But, the cherry tomato plant never really grew the whole season.  I thought I had done the proper preparation, feeding and watering.  I am thinking that the soil just wasn’t good.  My brother, last year, had a bumper crop.  I think his plants were producing well into the fall. He even installed mirrors in his backyard to help direct the sun to his plants – that was his “secret” weapon.

Due to my disappointment with my tomato plants last year, I decided to plant bulbs in place of the tomatoes.  I figured, I would just have the same result with my tomatoes if I did the same thing this year.  I am anxiously waiting to see if my bulbs work.   I am hoping that I’ll have a beautiful blooms in the spring.

Back to tomatoes…. I was chatting with my friend, Amy, recently.  And she told me about Straw Bale Gardening.  All you need is a straw bale, a little prep work, a little soil and you are good to go!  The straw bale has everything my plants will need.  I can even put the bale on cement and have an awesome garden.  Amy brought me two bales of straw this week.  I placed them on my side patio.  I have begun the preparation for planting. I am so excited to see how this works.  In my confidence, I have already called my brother and thrown down the gauntlet for this year’s competition.  My family is going to have to pick which team they think will win – #TeamKimmy or #TeamJohnny.  I am already thinking about the tasty tomatoes and making my first BLT of the season. My straw bale is my secret weapon this year! After all, all is fair in our war of the tomatoes.

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5 Responses to Blog: Straw Bale Gardening

  1. Jan says:

    Hoping this works for you – then maybe I’ll try it!

  2. Amy Cooper says:

    Wishing you much success with the ole straw bale. Tomatoes galore! The best part… No Weeding!

  3. Deanna says:

    Good Luck!!! May Team Kimmy WIN! 🙂

  4. Laurie Crawford says:

    Great story. I can hardly wait to see the end results. I am more of a flower bulb person myself. Good soil is key into any gardening, but I could use hay bales too. Good luck!

  5. Cindy Berger says:

    Can’t wait to see how your garden grows!

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