Do you find yourself searching for that perfect colored kit?  Oftentimes, the hardest part about creating a page is choosing the content.   If you add finding art that perfectly coordinates with your particular photos, things can get a little complicated.  That is why I simply never purchase a kit based on color.  When I purchase content I look at the style.  Do I like the lines, the patterns or the textures?  Do I like the theme, the content selection  and the word art?   That is what is most important to me when picking the digital art I am going to use on a page.  Why, you might ask?  Because Artisan gives me all of the tools that I need to make that art color coordinate with any color scheme or theme that I can think of, and it is easier than you think.   I don’t have enough time or room to tell you all of the ways that Artisan can empower you to “Make It Your Own”, but here I will tell you a few of my favorite techniques for changing up my content.

  1. Adjust Hue allows me to adjust all of the colors within an image.  This tool does not affect black or white, so when I see an element that is black, white and other colors, a simple adjustment of hue would be the perfect tool to use.
  2. The Rubber Stamp allows me to turn any element into an overlay, and who doesn’t love overlays?  Overlays give me the freedom to have fun with layers, shadows, textures and filters.
  3. TheThreshold Filter is by far the simplest way to turn a two-toned element into two different colors.  You can even use the Threshold filter to turn a multi-colored element into two colors.
  4. The Wand Tool allows me to select and/or extract portions of an element, change the color, change the fill or apply filters.   I get so excited when I think of all the wand can do.  I will show you exactly how this works in a video later on in the month.
  5. Blend Layers and their select Blend Modes are so powerful.  I can blend my elements with other colors, gradients, papers, photos…anything.  I can blend multiple layers together.  Oh…and guess what? I can still use the adjust hue features and the many other color adjustment features that I haven’t told you about.



Below are some offerings that review techniques I use often to make my digital content library suit my needs.

Video Tidbit: Blend Layers – Darken Mode

Video Tidbit: Overlays and Gradients

Video Tidbit: Match Color

Challenge 47: The Threshold Filter

Pixie Power Minute: Make It Your Own – Paint It Away


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2 Responses to Blog: Choosing Kits for Style, Not Color

  1. Julie Calhoun says:

    This will open up many doors for me! Just thinking about the styles of content, rather than the colors, will help me make decisions more easily – and I’m sure I’ll be buying a lot more haha! I look forward to the future videos helping me to make the changes so that content complements my photos. Thanks!

  2. Jan says:

    SO many ways to make kits your own! And you know them all, Meka!

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