Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you all weekend!

I’ve gotten a little behind on my family album. I’m not exactly sure how it’s happened, but it has.

Early this morning I was trying to figure out the reason and I remembered something that I’d written a long time ago. It took a while to find it but finally put my hands on it. I need to print it out so I can remember it when I have another dry spell!

Remember when you had to drag everything out of the laundry room, or from under the bed, or pull it all down from the closet shelf before you could work on your album? For many years, I had crops here and loved seeing all the pages getting completed.  We celebrated births and then watched as babies grew to toddlers, as children grew to teenagers. I saw photos of faraway places and heard tales of family celebrations. There were weddings and birthdays and fun vacations – so many stories to share. It was a special time together.

But digital scrapbooking is mostly a solitary thing. That’s why I’m so grateful for the virtual crops we have now in pixels2Pages. We get to see pages completed, pages full of family photos and stories. We get to share and encourage and be encouraged in return. We get to be a virtual community again! Some of you have been with us since the beginning and we are so grateful for your support. It’s so hard to believe that this will be our 8th year! We’ve seen your babies get older, your teens graduate from college and even watched as some of you became grandparents! It’s been a great 8 years!

For those of you who started out creating traditional albums like we Pixies, do you remember if you hesitated before making the digital plunge?  I’ve tried to remember, but I really think that I was so thrilled to have an option of having everything in my computer and not spread all over 3 rooms – that I literally jumped at the chance! I know my husband was thrilled not to be finding little pieces of diecuts, paper and photo splits all around!

Here are a few of my favorite reasons why I love digital memory preservation:

  1. I don’t have to worry about misspelled words. My fingers tend to go quicker than my brain so having a built-in spellchecker is awesome.
  2. I don’t have to do any cleanup! I do take care that I don’t have an open drink near the keyboard. Been there, done that and new wireless keyboards are not cheap!
  3. I can use my favorite background paper and embellishments over and over again. And I have the tools to change them ever so slightly using the Color Ribbon, the Touchup Ribbon, the Photo Ribbon and the Filter Ribbon.
  4. I never run out of ideas because all I need to do is insert a p2P Blueprint or go to most anywhere on the p2P website and be inspired. And I can go to FB and be energized by seeing ypages from you and my fellow Pixies and how you’ve changed or tweaked something to make it entirely your own. I love that.
  5. No more thumbing through my folders of paper or heaven forbid, running out of that pretty soft celadon green! I don’t have to go searching any further than my Content Library to see an endless array of beautiful papers and embellishments. (refer back to #3 for creating even more variety)
  6. I can take it with me everywhere and I don’t have to worry if the internet is slow or non existant. As long as my computer is charged, I can use it in the car, on a plane, sitting outside in the shade, or snuggled up by the fire. It’s as mobile as i want it to be.
  7. Digital books are just so quick to do. For anyone who’s done a Day2Day, aren’t you amazed that you’re creating a book, week by week? And with taking a photograph every day, your photography skills are bound to be improving.
  8. And finally, I don’t have to worry about anything damaging my treasure books (and that’s what they are you know) because they can be reprinted. And even if my computer gets stolen or destroyed, I know that my digital pages can be printed and shared with family and friends because they are safe in my Forever storage account.

It’s so fun looking back and seeing just how far we’ve come in just these few years. So if you ever get overwhelmed, feel like you’ve gotten way behind, or just can’t get motivated, please join us for a virtual crop. I guarantee that your dry spell will be knocked to the curb and you’ll hop right back on the memory preservation train!

I recently scanned some photos from college and it was so fun to be able to connect them with photos just taken.

Best Buds Digital Kit by Storybook Legacy; Memory Hoarders Toybox Finds Collection by Seatrout Scraps; Font: A Little Pot

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9 Responses to Blog: Celebrating Together

  1. Lisa Purrington says:

    I have put all the photographs I collected over many, many, years into traditional scrapbooks. I have my families’ life stories in albums– but since I started taking digital photographs I committed to doing everything digital! So much fun, so much less mess and absolutely, so easy to share. But those traditional scrapbooks take up a lot of space on the shelves—has anyone ever converted them by scanning the completed pages.

    I don’t want to re do them because it is years of photographs, but I’m not sure my children will want to worry about that many albums. Any ideas or suggestions.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Lisa, so glad you’re loving digital too! I have personally not scanned any of my old 12″ traditional albums so hoping someone else will chime in if they have!

  2. adakallen says:

    I was NEVER successful with Traditional! LOVE Digital! Continually learning from all of the PROS!

    A couple of questions: You mentioned storing your albums in Forever…do you store your finished album? Are the pages in jpeg, png, pdf, 300 dpi, 72 dpi! Forever does not print my albums. I do that at home LONG STORY!

    Thanks for ALL you do for ALL of us!
    PS I think there is a typo in #4! “ypages”

    • Anne says:

      Hey Ada, I store the finished pages (jpegs) in Forever. Create an album and then load them in. Eeek – will go back and edit. I KNEW I should have gotten someone to proof that for me! Anne

  3. Kristeen Kohrs says:

    I still go to crops … people marvel that I can go to a crop in my 2-seater Smart Car. I don’t have to stress the night before the crop – just grab the computer – pop it in my dedicated scrapbook suitcase that has a keyboard, cables, extra batteries and Motrin and off I go! I too thought I would do both traditional to fill in the blanks in my old albums and digital going forward but after 8+ years I need to pull the trigger, donate the old traditional stuff and realize I am a DigiGirl forever!

    • Anne says:

      Even though I thought I gave away most all of my traditional content, I still keep finding little bits here and there. I know that there are lots of groups that would love having these items. That’ll happen in spring cleaning for me – after Easter!

  4. Sandy Norman says:

    I always swore I would never give up on traditional pages when I started using the digital programs. I now feel like I need to make the statement “My name is Sandy and I haven’t done a traditional page in over 5 years.” As Mary stated, it is so easy to use Artisan and not worry about running out of paper or embellishments, or making mistakes, or cleaning up after I’ve finished a couple pages. And it is so nice to be able to change the content in kits to meet your need with the filters. Now if only I could have a couple more hours in the days just to work on my projects that would be wonderful.

  5. Cindy Berger says:

    I do remember being hesitant about going digital and now I wonder why. I love it!

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