This weekend was a big weekend at pixels2Pages.  We had a quarterly virtual crop: Globe Trotters – Around the World in Three Days.   We traveled the world indeed.  pixels2Pages is indeed a global community.  Members were cropping from all over the United States, Canada, Austrailia, and even Germany.    In addition to the crop, we conducted a Beta Test of Artisan 5 Blueprints.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to crop along with you guys because the pixels2Pages team needed to monitor the site, emails and the Facebook Groups and pages, but I knew there would not be a dull moment seeing your creations during the crop.

We begin planning crops months in advance.  As a matter of fact we started planning our July crop (July 6-8, 2018) weeks ago.   I had so much fun planing the Globe Trotters Virtual Crop with my team, mainly because  we were going to bring something new to you with our Artisan 5 Blueprints.

We have been wanting to design Blueprints in Artisan 5 for some time.  The main reason is because the more and more we work in Artisan 5 the more we see the complications of being a digital art designer using Artisan 4.  Some of the design possibilities the pixels2Pages would like to create for you would take an extensive amount of time to create using Artisan 4 and sometimes restricts the functionality that we intended to be a part of the design. Finally, a lot of our design possibilities are impossible to create in Artisan 4.

That brings us to the Artisan 5 Blueprint Beta Test.  If you were a pixels2Pages Member on or before April 10, 2018, you have access to these Blueprints to test:

On the surfact, the look like every other Blueprint, but they are not.  I was fortunate enough to have designed the Happy Trails Blueprint.  Within the Beta Test I detailed  some important functionality, but there are some things that I did to make this Blueprint, which is simplistic in style a bit more distinct.  This Blueprint has shadow effects applied to enhance the look of the torn edge.   The torn edge and the photo are two separate elements so that you can increase or decrease the rip reveal by simply adjusting the height of the photo. Those are just some of the things that enhance this Blueprint, that were not mentioned on the Beta Test documents.   I am sure the more and more you play with them the more increased functionality you will find.  I have been enjoying what you have been creating with this Blueprint.  Check out a handful of my favorites:

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14 Responses to Blog: Wow. Just Wow!

  1. Deb Nusbaum says:

    How can we purchase some of the these Blueprints?

  2. DebbieC says:

    Hi Tameka I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but on the Happy Trails blueprint I changed the shape to a butterfly and when I try to fill with paper it looks squared and not rounded into the wings. I’m sure my description is not making sense. How can I send you the page to look at?

  3. Nancy Johnson says:

    are we suppose to show you our work to get the last blueprint? Where do we do that?

  4. TTT Bond says:

    This is a test post.

  5. Viv Mauriri says:

    You forgot a few from New Zealand 🙂

  6. Fay Wilde says:

    Meka I was not sure I would do the beta test because it is in 12×12 format and then (DUH) the light bulb flipped on in my brain and I remember I had written down for future use direction to reduce them to 8×10. You are doing an exceptional job here on p2P. I am so proud to know that I am one of your friends. Thanks for going above your duty and working a deal out with those above to make a reduction in membership renewals, You are the greatest!!

  7. adakallen says:

    Thank you S Engle for that question and Tameka for that answer. I want to watch the webinar again after I have done each of these to see what else I can learn, what I did wrong, what I didn’t remember from the first watch.

  8. S Engle says:

    Tameka, I’ve tried to find the link to the end of crop wrap-up webinar but can’t. I want to re-watch (maybe several times!) can you post the link or explain how we can access the training webinars?


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