I get asked all the time what is my favorite thing in Artisan 5.  I have so many things I like about the software so I’ll share my favorite filter.  Under Filters>Stylize> you’ll see Threshold as an option.  I use this filter alot and it’s used on all the covers of my travel books and many other places too.  It turns your photos into two colors.  I use two high contrast colors.  white and then a darker color to match my page.  I then cut away the white.  The effect is similar to a stamp effect but it is opaque.  You can’t see thru it.  If you do end up wanting to see through it you can decrease the opacity from the Quick Access Tool Bar (QAT).  If you’ve never tried this filter go have a play with it.  I think you’ll really enjoy the results and be sure and share your page in our Facebook Community.  I’ve listed a couple videos and a challenge below for you to explore further.  The Baltic Cities Cruise video will walk you through how I do my covers.  I’ve also added a gallery below with some samples.

Have fun!


Start2Finish: Baltic Cities Cruise

Challenge 267: Threshold Focus

R2R Video Tidbit: The Threshold Filter

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3 Responses to Blog: Mary’s Favorite Filter

  1. Ruth Regas says:

    Love this technique, will definitely have to go and play with it. Thank you!

  2. KIM says:

    Thank you for this post! I reviewed it all and practiced with some photos … cutting away the lighter color makes ALL the difference.

    • Mary says:

      It’s kind of addicting to watch the lighter color disappear! I love this filter and that technique and really like all the ways people find to use it! Glad you enjoyed it.

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