Well, it looks like Spring is finally here in the North Carolina Piedmont. Mother Nature has been taunting us for weeks now with spurts of warm weather. But, just about the time we think moderate temperatures are here permanently, Jack Frost comes blowing in to freeze that idea!

This house was in a flurry of activity for a couple of weeks before Easter. We were so excited to have friends down so of course that led to major cleaning out of closets and drawers. Why do I do that before company? It’s not like she’s going to go through the closets or chests! Anyway, was glad to take bags and bags to Goodwill for someone else to use.

Originally we were going to have 24 adults and 8 children but due to a fall, our oldest siblings weren’t able to join us. Thankfully he’s made a good recovery and is back to his funny sweet cantankerous self. Anyway, because the kids were going to hunt for Easter eggs here, that set me off working in the yard big time and keeping fingers crossed for a pretty day.

You’d think the Queen of Egypt was coming but I wanted to get as much of the yard in pristine shape as possible because these children, and parents, would be everywhere. So days and days of digging weeds, trimming back dead branches, picking up sticks and vines before and after work hours began to make a difference.

We are so grateful that our “mow and blow” guy really loves his work and so as a surprise, he planted 4 containers of pansies for me. Such a sweet man and I am so thankful he’s come into our lives. He’s now made the decision to quit his real job, and focus full time on landscaping. I know he’ll be a success because of his work ethic. So hardworking, never stopping until a job is done, and done correctly.  This is a hard decision on his part because the income will be spotty until he fills his list of customers. But as he said, the work will be harder than working concrete, but he’ll be happier working outside and that’s everything to him. We are thrilled for him! He’s almost young enough to be my child but wise beyond his years.

Focusing on things that make you happy is not always something that will pay the bills, is it?  But having a few things in your life that bring a smile makes life so much better.

So be it growing zinnias or tomatoes, sewing a quilt or knitting a pair of socks,  making a card or simply writing a note, visiting with friends or church service, or even cooking a favorite meal – any of these can bring a smile either to yourself or to someone else.

Enjoy and pursue your happy places! I get to do it everyday working in Artisan! Oh, and banging on the window to scare the squirrels away from my bird feeder right outside my “office” window always makes me laugh. I bang and then smile when I see them scatter because I KNOW they’ll be right back. If squirrels could smile, I bet they’re doing it too at my futile efforts! Take that back – they’ve got to  be HOWLING because it was only about 3 minutes before he was back filling his cheeks with seed. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a knock at the door from that squirrel asking me to refill the feeders. Take that you silly human!

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6 Responses to BLOG: Rodents and other happy things

  1. Donna Ames says:

    Love your stories! I do the same when company is coming. Also, the squirrel makes me think of my Mom, who passed away a couple years ago. She had a bird feeder outside her window at the assisted living place she was at for her last two years of life. When I would call, she was always telling me about this squirrel that kept stealing the bird food. She got so irritated with it. I bought her a mug for her birthday that has a squirrel on it that says something about the bird feeder being empty.

  2. Laurie Crawford says:

    Great story. Just had this talk about money, jobs and happiness with my oldest grandson who is finishing his first year of college.

  3. Tara Wells says:

    I got a good chuckle out of your escapades chasing your squirrel off your bird feeder. We have the same issue and my 8-year-old daughter has made it her mission to bang on the window or chase them off our feeder. I, too, swear the squirrels laugh as they gleefully leap back onto the feeder as soon as my daughter turns away!

  4. egwor13@gmail.com says:

    Love your sense of humor!!

  5. Kathleen Eichler says:

    Anne, THANK YOU for once again letting us peek into your all too human day to day life. Don’t we all make a huge sweep of cleaning out the nooks and crannies of our homes JUST BEFORE COMPANY… sometimes it works and sometimes… well lets just say… I’m glad they love me. lol. I don’t have a window near my ‘happy place’, but I do enjoy watching from across the room what goes on outside. Bless you for using that ‘Make mine plaid’ background… it needs to be another ‘Blast from the past’ for the newbies. God bless you my friend. *U* Kathleen

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