There are so many milestones to celebrate when having a family.  Some are filled with love you never knew before, like when your child is born.  Some are cute, like your child’s first smile.  Some are sad, like watching them go to school for the first time.  And then there are some milestones that are heart wrenching.  You just never know what the dawn of each day will bring.  When your kids are little and they need your constant care, it just feels like that will be for the rest of your life.  You aren’t getting enough sleep, you walk through the day in a daze and you are probably eating your meal cold because you put yourself last.  As your family gets a little older, they don’t need your constant care.  You have time to maybe do something you like. Next thing you know, your child is ready to move out of the house.

This is where I am now.  Our oldest daughter moved into her own apartment on April 1, Easter.  She had moved away to college for a few years, but I knew she was coming back.  Everything was still in her room.  This time is different, all her stuff is gone.  There is a new balance in the house now.  I have one son at home and one getting ready to live in New York to complete his masters degree.  So, they haven’t “moved out” – we are not quite “empty nesters”.  I am very excited for her and a little sad for me.  It is strange to walk past her room and it looks different after 24 years! Most of all I am excited to celebrate this milestone with her.  It is a time of celebration for me and for her.  She is ready to spread her wings!  She is smart, kind, beautiful, and driven.  It is exciting watching her discover her path and thrive as her adventure unfolds.  It is exciting for me too.  Not that a parent’s job is ever done, but my daily life is my own.  I have plenty to keep me busy with my job as a Pixie, my crafting hobbies, and a little local travel with my husband.

And, even in my job, there is a lot to celebrate!  We just celebrated pixels2Pages 8th birthday!  And our anniversary of becoming a part of the FOREVER family.  What great milestones to celebrate.  The pixels2Pages team just released our first test of delivering Blueprints in Artisan 5 – now that is exciting!  I love my work as a Pixie and I also love my work on the customer care team.  I love when my work brings me face to face with our community for live training.

All of us in the FOREVER family celebrate our milestones in pictures and words.  We create scrapbook pages that show and tell the stories and milestones of our lives.  Sharing our stories in community brings us closer together.  It is healing in times of sadness.  And so much fun in sharing what brings us joy and laughter.  We preserve our photos in FOREVER storage for our lifetimes plus 100 years! And, later this summer we will celebrate the milestone of the 4th annual FOREVER national conference!  I hope to see you there!


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5 Responses to Blog: Celebrating Milestones!

  1. Liz Propst says:

    Oh my goodness Kim …. I have watched your kids grow up through your scrapbook pages. What a big change at your house. May all be well with you as you transition. It’s a new time to celebrate life in new ways. Be blessed!! Thanks for all the gifts that you have shared over the years!!

  2. Cindy Berger says:

    It is such a change but shows you’ve done a great job raising her and she is independent. I’m glad she’s still close to you – that helps a lot.

  3. says:

    Aah Kim, so the time has come! Thinking of you with all the transitions! Love your page.

  4. What a great page! My daughter is purchasing her first house and you have just reminded me that I need to make sure I take my camera with me!

  5. Leslie says:

    My daughter moved out at the end of November, and our son before that. I completely understand where you are! A mix of happy and sad and a great deal of pride and gratitude. I really enjoyed this blog, it put such a positive perspective on a bittersweet time. I enjoy scrapbooking for that reason, it’s a tangible way to savor a moment, and then let it go and move on to the next. Your page is perfect!

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