Can you believe we are already in the 5th month of our Day2Day project? I’ve been so impressed with all the beautiful pages that I’ve seen posted in our FOREVER Day2Day Project Facebook group. Many of you have gotten further than you ever have before. Congratulations on your accomplishment – let’s keep it going!

For those of you that are new to the Day2Day project and have been thinking that you’d like to join in – there’s nothing stopping you. There is no rule that you have to start on January 1st – although, a lot of people may go back through their photos and find that they have enough to work back and start on a January page. The common ground with this project is that everyone likes taking photos! Some people wonder what the ‘themes’ are all about? How do they help with my photo-a-day taking? Basically, they are there to give a “kick-start” to your thought process when deciding what to photograph for your daily photo. It’s amazing how the themes will open your eyes to a new perspective on your daily life. That being said – there is nothing set in stone that you have to follow the theme for each and every photo, each and every day of the year. This project is yours to decide what to do with – follow the themes each day, just for a couple of days and have other photos, or go your own way entirely. Just snap a photo each day and put them onto your weekly pages with some journaling.  If you miss a photo or two, it doesn’t matter. Do your week with just a few photos, and get back into the swing of taking daily pics when you can. I find it handy to have an alarm set on my phone for around 3pm daily to remind me to grab a photo before the daylight disappears if I haven’t already snapped one. This project is yours to do how you wish – it’s not a chore or with rules set in stone. The aim is to have a visual diary of daily life at the end of the year, to print, treasure and bring back wonderful memories in years to come. One of the best things about the Day2Day project is that by taking a photo each day you can improve your photography skills along the way. It doesn’t matter if you use your phone, a “point and shoot”, or a DSLR – all that matters is that you take a photo with whatever camera you have at hand.

Watch for announcements for the new themes here on the website and on our closed Facebook Group Forever Day2Day Project. Then share your weekly pages with us so we can encourage, support and enjoy your photos and stories each week. If you haven’t asked to join the Forever Day2Day Project closed Facebook Group, what are you waiting for? I would love to see you there.

So, here’s the May 2018 themes plus your BONUS Pre-Designed Monthly Summary page for the second quarter! The free coordinating 2018 Day2Day May Themes Kit can be found HERE at the Forever Store. If you would like to print the handout, you can right click on the image, save it and print it out at home.

The themes have been designed to co-ordinate perfectly with the 2018 Day2Day First Half Pre-Designed Books and Forever Design Maps 21 which will make your pages come together quickly, easily and seamlessly making the weekly pages effortless! Both are available in 12×12″ (which can also be made into an 8×8″ book), 11×8.5″ Landscape, and 8.5×11″ Portrait sizes.

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6 Responses to Day2Day: 2018 May Themes

  1. Sue Thoenes says:

    Oops, I found the June themes. Thank you Pixies!!!!

  2. Sue Thoenes says:

    Were there any themes for June 2018?

  3. Lois Berry says:

    I found the June content, but not this page for June. I like to hang it on my fridge .

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