We are very excited to share that an update to FOREVER Artisan 5 has been released.  In the handout below, you will find some FAQs about this newest release.  We are aware that many pixels2Pages Members and Fans are in the habit of deleting their photos from the photos panel.  As you will see detailed below, the functionality of Artisan 5 has changed significantly to provide you with a better overall experience.  If you delete photos from your photos panel, ALL INSTANCES OF THAT PHOTO WILL BE REMOVED FROM YOUR PROJECT.   We strongly urge you to to discontinue the practice of deleting photos from your photos panel and we ask that you share this with all of your friends who are using Artisan 5.


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29 Responses to IMPORTANT NEWS: Artisan 5 Updates and Pertinent Changes in Functionality.

  1. Suzanne Seward says:

    Also, I have the blank white square with the red “no” in with my photos in the Photo Panel. I tried doing what was suggested, right click on the white square and choose the “Refresh Thumbnail” in the drop down menu. Problem is, there is no “Refresh Thumbnail” to choose. What else can I try?

    • Tameka says:

      Make sure that you are using the latest update. Also, selecting all of the images, rotate it and then rotate it back. That should refresh your thumbnail.

  2. Suzanne Seward says:

    I have read all the info on the new Artisan update and am still not quite clear on one thing:
    It keeps telling us to finish current projects.
    Why? Will I lose them all together and have to start over?
    If I leave current projects in the working “tray” will they be there when I update and will I be able to work on them in the upgrade. I do understand that they will not work any longer in previous versions.
    I have “Saved” and “Backed Up” the heck out of everything I can think of.
    Thank you in advance. I will hold off updating till I get an answer.

    • Tameka says:

      It is just best practice to finish current projects. You won’t lose your projects. If you do plan continue a previous project in the updated software, we recommend you creating a copy/back up of your project before updating.

  3. Ann Marie says:

    Yesterday I deleted 2 photos from the view “photos not used” because I knew they were used. What I noticed was that once removed from that view, they were also removed from the “photos on this page” and the “all photos” views. However, they were not removed from the pages they were on. Am I missing something? By the way, I LOVE the update, getting photos from Forever is so much easier, saving faster etc. I even noticed that in my Forever Account my tags are now listed alphabetically when I use tags to search for photos BUT I don’t see that happening when searching in Historian.

    • Tameka says:

      Hello Anne Marie. Please see the following update:

      We would recommend that you do NOT remove images from the File Explorer as we can NOT guarantee that they will stay on the page. When you delete from the images file folder, it could remove the photo from the page leaving you with a gray box.

      You can certainly remove photos from your Photo’s Panel and that will NOT cause any issues to your pages.

      Basically, what we would recommend is NOT to delete anything from within your Project folder in File Explorer.”

      So as long as you are deleting photos from within Artisan, you can safely delete all unused photos as well as used photos if you want. Your photos will only become gray boxes if you delete photos from the Embedded Images folder in your project folder using Windows File Explorer.

  4. Sheryl Gibson says:

    Is there any reason to delay updating if we are working on some big projects? I don’t delete my photos – I just use the “photos not used” all the time. The only deletions I make are photos I don’t use on the page at all. The Forever site was vague on why or why we should update after we finish current projects. I am concerned about that warning – is it just about this photo feature?

    • Tameka says:

      This update fixed save issues that some users were having as well as some other issues. Projects created in the older version of the software are converted once opened in the newer version. It is just a precaution just in case something happens to your project during the conversion process. If you keep regular back ups, then this should not be an issue. We always recommend creating a copy of your project and opening the copy in the newer version of the software (keeping the original as the backup.)

  5. Ruth Regas says:

    I have always worked under the assumption that if I deleted the photo from the photo panel it would delete from my project. I always use the photos not used selection. Good to know that for me nothing will be different. But very happy that the save function will be speeding up, that has been frustrating at times. Thanks for all the work you Pixies do and for Forever to keep improving on Artisan.

  6. Deanna says:

    So, please clarify once again…sorry, but I’m not seeing anything about Day2Day projects specifically… I usually delete my photos after I have created the specific page for a Day2Day weekly theme. Now I’m not supposed to delete any photos. How will I keep photos current so I only see the ones I want to use for a page for a specific Day2Day theme and not have to wade through past ones?? Forgive my obtuseness. I just don’t see why they had to mess around with this feature. Seems a lot more complicated.

  7. Sandy Lu says:

    “If you delete photos from your photos panel, ALL INSTANCES OF THAT PHOTO WILL BE REMOVED FROM YOUR PROJECT.”

    Sorry. I don’t feel like this is a good upgrade, more like a downgrade.

    • Tameka says:

      This is not an upgrade, it is an update designed to fix several issues. We encourage you to read the FAQs as changes were made to enhance other areas of the software. We appreciate your feedback.

  8. Nancy Tosh says:

    I am so, so nervous about updating my program. I am already confused with the picture process that I am reading here. I don’t have Historian and Forever storage so I’m hoping that the changes aren’t going to affect me. I’m also very hesitant to download the updates until all the possible glitches are figured out.

  9. Linda Ammons says:

    When did the update happen….I guess that’s why so many of my photos have a red circle and line through them?

  10. Beth says:

    Last night when I tried using the photo panel function “photo not used” all I got was a blank panel. The only way I could see any of my photos was to select all. Plus I had other issues with moving a page to a different position which resulted in losing a page from the pages panel. And A5 did not save any changes that I made. It did not save the project, created in A4 brought into A5 a couple of days ago. Now it acts like I never saved it in A5 at all.

  11. Janice Phillips says:

    What if I have already removed photos from my photo panel, will they go missing from my current projects when I upgrade?

    • Tameka says:

      If a user created pages then deleted the photos from the project while working in Artisan before the update, they will not have any issues with “losing” photos from their project pages after updating Artisan and re-opening the project. The pages created before the update will still have the photos saved in the .artpage file, and any edits to those pages will prompt the software to store the images on the page in the Images Folder.

  12. Mom3 says:

    Oh no….clarification about this??? Hopefully I’m misunderstanding this change……am I to understand that I must have ALL of my photos for the entire book in my photo panel all the time? That is the panel on the right side, where your photos go when you do “get photos”? So let’s say that I’m working on my Cruise vacation book which is like 50 pages and probably 200 or more photos. So I have to have all 200 photos in the photo panel the whole time I’m trying to work on a book???? I’m really hoping I am not understanding something here, because that will not work for me. I ALWAYS just pull into the panel the photos I need for the two-page layout I’m working on, then once they’re on the pages I delete those photos from the panel and then bring in the next set of photos for the next pages I’m working on. There’s no way I can try to search through 200+ photos to work on a book. PLEASE tell me this is not the new change!

    • Tameka says:

      You would need to use the “Photos not used” feature in order to not see the photos that are not currently used. This will give you similar results of deleting the photos as you won’t have to weed through all of the photos. I have found that feature very usual as I have books with closer to 1,000 photos.

    • Mary Calhoun says:

      As Tameka said (obviously because she is the expert), you use the ‘photos not used’ feature. I don’t know how or how much you organize your photos before pulling them into Artisan. I choose all my photos first and organize them in Historian’s Album Planner. I find lately that I only pull in photos for 2-10 pages, or whatever I think I can finish at that sitting. Using the ‘photos not used’ view, I only see the newly-pulled-in photos and complete those pages. Repeat.

      It may be a change in what you are used to, but I think it will be worth making a new routine to have the benefits of the update.

      • Kathy says:

        My workflow is exactly like Mary’s (above) so I won’t repeat that.
        After I’ve complete the set of pages that am currently working on, I delete ONLY the photos from the photo panel that I ended up NOT using. When I bring in new photos for the next pages, I use the “photos not used” feature. I’ve always worked this way.

        Mom3, it’s nothing to worry about, just a small change that you’ll get used to. I know it’s hard to change habits – and I’m big on habits – good luck. 🙂

        Some people delete photos to “save space” but computers have soooo much memory on them these days and is so cheap now that that’s not really necessary.

      • Linda DeLaughter says:

        I do the same thing as Mary — I organize and edit all of my photos in Historian, and then use the Album Planner feature to organize for my album. I find it easier to edit the photo before I send it to Artisan. The only thing I do to a photo in Artisan is crop it to fit the space.

        Although I always use the “Photos Not Used” feature, I still only bring in enough photos for about 10 pages, because I like to group my similar photos on a particular page, and perhaps they “spill over” to another page on the same subject or place.

        The only thing I have to remember now is not to delete from the photo panel if I decide NOT to use a particular photo. But is it OK to use the “remove photo from list” feature?

        • Tameka says:

          The key is to not delete a photo from your photos panel that has already been added to your page. it may result in the photos being removed throughout your book.

  13. Cheryl says:

    What happens to projects that we deleted the photos from the images folder to save space in the past? What will happen if we open them in the new version?

    • Tameka says:

      If a user created pages then deleted the photos from the project while working in Artisan before the update, they will not have any issues with “losing” photos from their project pages after updating Artisan and re-opening the project. The pages created before the update will still have the photos saved in the .artpage file, and any edits to those pages will prompt the software to store the images on the page in the Images Folder.

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