Mystery Pages are not new.  We have done them in the past at pixels2Pages.  What we are doing differently is over time we will be building a collection of printable Mystery Page handouts.   Each handout gives you a plan for creating a page.  You will not see a sample image, we want to see what you come up with all on your own.  You can use the same instructions over and over again and your page will look different each and every time.

Create your page and share your creations with us on the pixels2Pages Community Facebook Group.  This is a public activity so everyone is invited to create with us.  Please use the hashtag listed on each handout.

  • Mystery Page 01 – features masks and clusters (National Scrapbook Day 5/18)
  • Mystery Page 02 – features masks and one photo (National Scrapbook Day 5/18)
  • Mystery Page 03 –  features strokes and the blended edge cutter (National Scrapbook Day 5/18)
  • Mystery Page 04 – features overlays (National Scrapbook Day 5/18)
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10 Responses to Mystery Page Parade #1-4

  1. Kristeen Kohrs says:

    This is great – bummed that I wasn’t around this weekend but I am saving the directions for future use!

  2. Maria Wilder says:

    Looking forward to trying the pages. I am Mask challenged and need the practice 😉
    I will sort the photos of my daughter’s graduation ( had to travel Friday and just home now)
    Some of them will be great to use for the pages.
    My new computer arrived Friday and I need to get it going before playing since my “C” drive and one of the externals are failing ;-(
    One more quick review of all the tips found here will , hopefullly make the process easy.
    Thank you, Pixies!

  3. Sharon Eash says:

    This was a lot of fun! Thank you!

  4. Lindie says:

    I want more. Please. This has been so fun. Thanks for the mystery pages.

  5. Victoria says:

    This was so much fun to do! I love seeing everyone’s different interpretation of the directions on Facebook!

  6. Cindy Berger says:

    Love this! Thank you so much.

  7. Mary Calhoun says:

    I *know* this is supposed to be our page and a mystery how it turns out, but I’m quite new with masks. On page 2, when it says ‘Add a mask’, should we be making these full-page, leaving them as they are, moving them around? Please give me a little more guidance. I promise to play around and make it my own.

    • Tameka says:

      The masks can be any size you want. We deliberately did not specify a size. Move them around until you get a Look you like.

      • Mary Calhoun says:

        I know y’all left it open but when I first started, nothing I did looked right. After seeing a few posted online, I felt like I had a better idea of what worked and was able to tweak what I had already started. I finished it up and just posted it.

  8. Debbie Halsey says:

    This sounds fun!

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