I remember when I was much younger, keeping a diary.  It was about 5×7 inches and had a little tiny lock and a little tiny key to match!  Inside under lock and key we shared things that happened to us.  Things that were fun and experiences with our friends and family.  We shared when we were sad.  We shared when our brothers drove us nuts. We shared our first kiss.  We shared a lot under lock and key and hid that book away for safe keeping.  I don’t know what happened to mine.  Maybe it was lost in a move or I threw it away because I became “mature”! Either way I wish I had it now to reflect upon.  To catch a glimpse of the teenager I was. The makings of the adult I became.

Now I have a signposts album. It’s  not under lock and keep but is for my eyes only.  At least for now.  I started this many years ago when I spoke on the subject at a convention to my peers.  Never would I have dreamed my experiences could have ever been understood or even felt by others.  This event opened my eyes to the power of writing down experiences in my life.  Good, bad or seemingly mundane and reflecting upon those experiences both in the current moment and days, months and years later.   I can look back and reflect upon them with my 20/20 hindsight vision and see how God has chosen to use them in either my life personally or to encourage others when they may be struggling thru similar things I was experiencing.

One day, when I’m no longer on earth (90 years or so from now, since I told my kids I was going to live to at least to 150) I hope my family will look thru these experiences and see that struggles come into our lives but faith, family and friends get us thru to the other side and make our life full and blessed.

Like I said before, I started this album traditionally.  I have since moved to doing it digitally since I’m always at my computer.  The first pages done traditionally have been scanned and added to my digital book. From now on I’ll just type what I experience. The title “Sandpaper Signposts” is a reflection that things inside are signposts that led or prepared me for something else and that the sand paper effect experienced thru those events have started smoothing out the rough edges of me to become the person God wants me to be.

Some examples of where I started:

My birth…two months premature a VERY long time ago and the miracles surrounding it.

Teachers who have influenced me and why?

Meeting my husband

Birth of each of my four children which were all direct answers to very specific prayers.

the list is never ending!

One day I’ll print this so it doesn’t go poof when my computer does!  Stay tuned for more.

Happy writing,



My digital album cover  made in FOREVER Artisan 5 software.  Content used: Encouragement Collection – Cottage Arts, Fonts: Archer Book, Blacksword.

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11 Responses to Blog: Signposts

  1. Terry Vachowski says:

    Having found an old diary of our son’s when he died which helped us understand him better, I can see the value of this. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Mary!

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. What a great digital book. Oh, and I have my lock and key diary. Not sure how enlightening it is, except I am glad I never married those guys I had crushes on in grade school and high school!

    • Mary says:

      I don’t have my lock and key diary any more. That might have been pretty enlightening! I too am very happy I did not marry any of those people I thought were my Prince Charmings since my real Prince Charming is who I actually married!

  3. Linda DeLaughter says:

    This is definitely a “must do” for all families to leave to their children — not only for encouragement and support during grief, but for historical significance of life’s events! Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us, dear Mary! I especially loved the poem by Sharon Shapren!

  4. Jan says:

    Great idea, Mary!

  5. Sharon Eash says:

    Mary, thank you for posting this. My mother passed away 2 years ago at age 96. I am SO thankful we encouraged her to write down her memoirs. I am going through them now and creating an album with as many photos from the past as possible to tell her story. Your gift is the best thing to leave your children, it will ease the loss as much as possible when you are in heaven and not here anymore. Thank you again.

  6. ANN says:

    Thank you Mary. You are an inspiration to me. I need to do this and also include my grand-kids sayings and memories.

  7. Natalie says:

    How inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

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