One of my favorite months of the year!  The grandchildren’s soccer games and T-ball games are finished and the end of school is less that 2 weeks away so they’re dreaming about summer vacation. They’re planning a trip to the Outer Banks and maybe to see Pony Penning Day!

I love it that the sun is popping up earlier and earlier and that means the days are getting longer and warmer. Waking and getting up in the dark is one of the worst things to me about winter! Think it has something to do with my Florida upbringing. So when the nights are warming up to the 60’s, it’s time to head down to our old place at the beach to get it ready for summer. We’ve shivered through the cold days of winter and then the warmer days of April got us longing for the beach.

It takes a lot of hard work to power wash away the results of hurricanes, rainstorms, and piles of yellow pollen which have bombarded the old girl since October.  Basically open to the elements and with no heat or air-conditioning,  our visits are determined by the weather temperatures. The garden will be full of fallen sticks and branches, and thousands of acorns and more than a few oak seedlings to dig. There’ll be weeds to pull and beds to be cleaned.

Our power washer has been on the blitz – we found that out when we were cleaning off the moss from the brick walk here before Easter. Arch thought he could fix it himself, and that’s usually the case, but this time, we had to take it for a fixit visit to the super old hardware store a few miles away. So grateful that the big box stores haven’t driven this awesome place out of business.

Of course, we’re now trying to figure out how to pack all the laundry, rugs, curtains, food, kitchen items, and boxes of beach stuff into the back of the car. Yesterday Arch caught sight of all the plants that I am taking  to get in the ground and pots in the front yard down there. I have a feeling that I’ll have tomato seedlings and a hanging basket under my feet and holding the large hibiscus! We HAVE to have tomato plants every year although the yield is usually so small except for the Sweet 100’s. As usual, as I always say at this time, hope springs eternal! But Arch is an expert packer after years of dealing with 4 older sisters and decades of me!

Just keeping fingers crossed that there won’t have been any 4 footed winter visitors this year. We’ve put covers on the chimneys, made sure the screens are tight, closed all doors to the inside house plus trapped and relocated 4 raccoons last year. So all we can do is just hold our breath and think positive that we won’t find any bad surprises on opening day! Thrilled that my Mother’s Day gift from our 3 children was to pay for someone to come clean the inside rooms while Arch and I power wash the porches and do any repairs to screens or water pipes.

So just a short quick trip this time. Hopefully there’ll be longer stretches soon. The wonderful thing is that we can both do our computer work sitting on the big porch overlooking the water. Recording is a bit difficult because the other pixies have complained about the cicada chirping! Imagine complaining about that! Would you mind hearing an occassional chirp? Cicadas appear every 7 years so maybe this will be an off year for those little creatures.

My plan, in my spare time, is to get covers made for my Forever albums. Mary and Kim are way ahead of me doing this and I can’t wait to use some of their ideas!

Happy memory making everyone,

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8 Responses to BLOG: Hooray Hooray!! It’s finally May!

  1. Caroline says:

    Thought about you yesterday as I came through Belmont area. Would love to meet up sometime, Anne.

  2. Jan says:

    Hope the messes were small and normal!!

  3. ANN says:

    I have a question. How do I use the “Greetings from the United Sates” collection for my album cover. I would like to use for specific trips. I’ve tried to insert for cover but the template won’t pull up

    • Kim says:

      Hi Ann,

      I haven’t used the “Greetings from the United States” yet. But, I would guess they are 12×12 templates – you can’t import 12×12 templates on a cover. So, put the template on a page, then select all the elements (except the background) copy/paste onto your cover. I would group all the elements once they are on the cover and then resize. -Kim

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