My children grew up around scrapbooking.  They always had a camera pointed at them and I have lots of pictures and scrapbooks to prove it!  Since they left for school and now beyond it’s not quite as easy to get photos.  I occasionally get one thru a text message or off Facebook but have been informed “Facebook is for older people so we don’t post much there anymore” and I can’t download them from Instagram.  What’s a mom to do?

I found out they do like the scrapbooks but don’t like getting me the pictures!  Conundrum for sure.  So I made it easier for them.  Told them they needed to store their images somewhere safe and the service they were using was compressing their images so it couldn’t be there.  FOREVER Storage ™ seemed to be the perfect answer.  I started them out with free accounts they can expand when they desire and since I set them up I also have the password!  They don’t seem to mind and have the option of changing their password if desired.  I also friended myself from their accounts and let them be friends on my account!  I know it’s a little work but for me was worth it.  They have since downloaded the app onto their phones and are uploading pictures.

A while back we found out from my son he was proposing to his precious girlfriend.  We love her.  He asked me if I would make their wedding book and include engagement pictures. I told him as long they gave me enough pictures I would be happy to.  I’ll use the Simply Elegant black 99 page pre-designed book and just change all the backgrounds to white.  I can drag and drop photos as I get them and I’ll let them journal when they visit.  It will be the one of the easiest books ever.

I think he learned pretty well about taking pictures.  He uploaded a few hundred from their engagement trip and he and his fiancee were actually in most of them!  A+ for both of them!

Our baby daughter is starting on another adventure in her life so I’ll make a new album for this time of her life.  She was accepted into MIT for grad school and will be working on a double Masters.  I can’t wait to see what pictures she’ll upload while living there.  I’ve already received a couple from her admit visit!

Not only do I get to enjoy these pictures and make books with them but they’re in my account too and they have access to that account.  My daughter is my legacy contact so she will be able to access it FOREVER.  Another perk of getting them using FOREVER is I get to grab pictures to use in making their annual Christmas ornaments in Artisan 5!  I’m seeing an annual calendar now too. Makes my life and projects easier!

Lastly take a look at the image I have of each Parent album.  It’s so much easier to know what exactly is in each album.  I named the albums with a number in front of them so they sort the way I want them to sort. Each album also has a “cover”.  Thank you Pixie Kim for sharing that idea in a video!

Now I’m ready for quick and easy projects and books complete and enjoy while relaxing with creativity!






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10 Responses to Blog: FOREVER Storage – Organizing Your Albums for Grown Kids

  1. Mandy Pena says:

    I am still not quite understanding the nested albums and how to set albums up in Forever. I think that this may need to be a project on my list of projects to do!! I have read all the post about this… but I think I have a brain block! I do love how you set these up and it is obvious that they will help with the organizing.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Mandy,
      Are you familiar with the photo organizing box Powersort? Think of the top level album as the big box itself that had 12 smaller boxes inside of it. The nested albums are the smaller boxes inside the big box. So trip pictures might be in one smaller box (and the smaller box still sits inside the big box) The pics are in the smaller box but technically in the big box too! So you have a main parent album. Inside that album are all the children (nested) albums.

    • Mary Bell says:

      Mandy, thank you for saying you have brain block about this! I cannot seem to learn how to get started with nested albums. I’ve watched lots of videos and read all I can find, but it has not clicked for me, so it made me feel better to see that I am not the only one who feels this way. I’m still trying!

  2. Kristeen Kohrs says:

    Great post. After the Globe Trotters Crop and seeing how easy it was to upload my pages, I decided to start uploading all my in-progress albums. Between Tags and Albums for specific people, more people are getting to see what I’ve done and its great to pull out my phone to share the memories!

  3. Carole L Bremer says:

    Love the idea of you opening free account for them with a password that they can change. Trying to get my kids to open even free Forever accounts has been almost impossible. It’s usually not a priority thing for them even though they like the idea.

  4. Great post on using the nested albums! I use nested albums and I love it.

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