Wow! We are officially halfway through the 2018 Day2Day Project! Congratulations to everyone who has been keeping up with their daily photos and weekly layouts of what will become a photo book to treasure. If you are a bit behind, that’s ok. You can quickly catch up by using the pre-designed layouts and customizing to the number of photos that you do have. If you didn’t take a photo on one of the days, just add a ‘filler’ image such as your favorite book or TV show, a picture of your pet, or an event in history such as the recent Royal Wedding. Everyone in the Forever Day2Day Project Facebook group is enjoying a glimpse into each other’s daily routines as well as some wonderful family moments and vacations. A special thanks to everyone who posts, comments, and cheers each other on.

The Day2Day 2nd Half Pre-designed books for the year are now available in the Forever Store, ready for you to drag and drop your photos in and just add some journaling – the rest is done for you to make this a fast quick project. It’s available in 12″ x 12″11″ x 8.5″ Landscape, and 8.5″ x 11″ Portrait. As a special BONUS to get us off to a terrific start on the back half of the year, all 3 sizes of the Day2Day 2nd Half Pre-designed books are on Deal of the Day today starting at 10:05am Eastern. Check them out on our Deal of the Day page and save 50% today only, June 22, when you use promo code: DEALOFTHEDAY at check-out.

To add the 2nd half of the year to the 1st half, it’s super easy to add the pages in at the end of your project. Go to the Home Ribbon > Add Page > Using a template from an Art Kit > find the 2018 Day2Day 2nd Half Pre-designed Book in your content and select it – add in one page at a time from the Default Book view so they stay in order. Then customize each page as you normally would. If you need additional information, check out the Artisan 5 Tip: Changing Templates a Better Way by Shelley Alexander.

It’s also time to announce the July Day2Day Themes! There are some great new themes for you to play around with – look through your lens and find something interesting to take photos of that represents your daily life. This month we continue our alphabet theme with the letters L, M, and N – and for fun, we are adding in Hot and Family, too. Continue to practice your photo taking skills and challenge yourself with interesting angles, layouts, and subject matter – it’s all about recording your Day2Day life.

Remember, the themes themselves are a suggestion only, to help you out when thinking or planning what photos to take during the course of your Day2Day life. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the Day2Day project – snap a photo each day to place on a weekly page that then leads to a fabulous book at the end of the year. Very much like a visual diary! What could be better?! This project is the perfect place for those random photos that may not usually have a “home” in a regular photo book – or it could be the record for your entire year. The flexibility is endless, because it is entirely your own project to do in your style, your way.

Here is the theme list for July 2018! The FREE coordinating 2018 Day2Day July Themes can be found in the Forever Digital Art Store now. If you would like to print the handout, you can right click on the image, save it, and print it out at home.

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