The organizing of albums in my FOREVER Storage account and Historian is done. Cameras were synced on the first day of the trip!  Picture gathering is almost done as many of the pictures were uploaded directly to my FOREVER Storage account during the trip.   Before leaving the states to even go on this cruise, everyone in our small group of four had the FOREVER app downloaded to their phone.  Uploading was easy with the free internet we got on the ship!  That was our first task after returning everyday from our excursions.  Then camera cards were loaded into my Historian.  So now all that will be left to upload are pictures of the flights home (we’re heading home to different cities) and scanning all the memorabilia to add into the book!  I’m organized, I’ve gathered the photos, and I’ve found and downloaded the content I need from the FOREVER store. The project is well underway and I just got home 10 days ago!

On the ship getting breakfast and uploading pictures to my FOREVER albums one day at a time.  These were just my phone pictures.  Literally thousands more will be added this week from camera cards and friends camera cards! My next step will be to purge!  Mary

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9 Responses to Blog: From Organizing to Gathering to Starting the Project

  1. Sharon Enke says:

    Is the Behind the Globe page a blueprint available to P2P members?

  2. adakallen says:

    Thanks for this inspiration!
    All my pics from the last trip were in Forever. Uploaded from my cell phone while I was on the trip.
    I just finished making a sub divider/title page for each day of my last trip.
    I uploaded to Forever, then I changed the upload date to the day of the trip. So when I uploaded to the album they fell right into the proper place. YES! I still have to edit but since the camera doesn’t lie about the date it will make it a lot easier to edit one day at a time.

  3. Tina Burg says:

    I just got back from a trip with two other families. I did this the hard way. Every night I took their phones and downloaded pictures to my computer. I didn’t think to have everyone load from the Forever app to my account!

  4. So spoilt to have free internet on your cruises. We are about to head onto our 5th cruise (different company and location each time) at Christmas time. Again no free internet. Will you be creating Artisan books or Forever books?

    • Mary says:

      Free internet is part of our package because we book early with this cruise line and as part of their loyalty program. I create my books in Artisan because Artisan is one way I relax! I love the flexibility to use templates, create simple or to get very creative depending upon my mood.

  5. adakallen says:


    You are so Good! Great instructor, Great Example!

    I am working on improving…maybe my next trip will be better!

    Thank you for all you do!

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