Family reunions can be a very special time. It’s been several years since our big family has gotten together and sadly,in the meantime, we’ve lost a few who would have loved this gathering.  More than a good bit of planning went into putting this all together – the 1st generation just packed clothes and combed our hair, but the 2nd generation planned and organized and had it done way before we even started the drive to Atlanta. I hope the next time the reunion will be in Charlotte, because that traffic is horrendous in “Hotlanta” – just saying!

Our children and their first cousins stay in touch through emails and Facebook, but the younger generation  just don’t know each other at all. For many years, my mother in law ( Lady Lil) made it a family tradition for everyone to gather on Christmas Eve. So aunts and uncles, their children and grandchildren all stopped in and of course it was noisy and busy with so many children ripping and snorting through the house. One of her daughters played the piano and we all gathered to sing Christmas carols. I can see the piano now and the way it was decorated. Always lots of fun and our memories are happy ones of this time. So many of her grands were born within a year or two of each other – “Granny/Lady Lil” was a very busy grandmother for a twenty year span.

There are 15 children among the four older sisters and us; each of us with three.  And Christmas morning was always wild with each grandchild having a chair holding their gifts from Santa. Some were wilder than others. Two of Arch’s sister were so sweet and gentle, and of course they were the ones who each had 3 rambunctious boys! The Roberts boys were the most vocal, and they would race down the stairs (no one could go downstairs till “Granny” was in place) and wrapping paper would fly with accompanying loud shouts! But they were good boys  and we loved every loud and busy minute. I am indebted to Lady Lil for making sure the families got together several times a year.

It was so fun to see how those fifteen have grown up; twelve of the 15 have children of their own. And the pattern of those wild Roberts boys has continued! The youngest of the 3, now has 3 boys of his own,  and has moved into his childhood home, complete with trampoline and pool. The pool has two large dragon floats and their boys, (ages 4, 8 and 10) were constantly leaping off the sides to slam down on the dragons. (I had to stop watching!) With so many kids in the pool,  the 1st generation was worrying that someone would crack their heads wide open,and  there were some serious glances back and forth. Finally, one of ours (Maury) got in the pool with the rowdy 3rd generation kids just to corral in some of the exuberance. By the way, she’s the one with the water gun down on the bottom of the page,  so you can see, she was all about setting a wonderful example. And that’s the mom of the 3 boys beside her. See how calm they look?

It was hot and there was a brief rain shower but no one seemed to mind. The kids stayed busy either in the pool, or playing games or just running around in the yard.  The Atlanta crowd hosted a Friday night party and then another on Saturday – pretty much all day and into the night. We heard that the 2nd generation was still in the pool at 2am after the 3rd had been put to bed. There were eight little second cousins staying there – ranging in age from 4 -11. Wild and wonderful times!

For a special treat and because 1st generation Uncle Tom, loves this music,  a bluegrass band played for several hours during the BBQ on Saturday night. These guys have regular day jobs but they love to get together and play for friends. Oh my, they were fantastic and even the 3rd generation stopped their play and sat, listened and even tried clogging and do-see-doing. It was so fun to see the little cousins (who’d really never met each other) sitting around  the table, all laughing and telling stories and having such a good time together.

Wonderful happenings in the new year! There are two 4th generation babies on the way, and one of the oldest of the 3rd generation is getting married in February.

Lots of photos were taken, mostly by phone, and I took a ton with phone and camera. Terrific to be able to create an album in Forever and share so easily with 30 people almost instantly! And something else that was awesome – the only time I saw people on their phones was while they were taking photos. Gotta love that.

So if you have a chance to go to a family reunion – go. Being with family, especially ones that you haven’t seen in years is important.  So many wonderful photographs are now safely stored in the Reunion album in Forever. So quick and easy and well, forever!

Here’s a page that I created in Artisan 5 of some of the happy times.

Christian Inspiration Digital Kit, Birthday Boy Digital Kit by Storybook Legacy;  On the Bright Side Bundle by LJS Digital Design; Font: A Year Without Rain


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10 Responses to Blog: Family Reunion Time

  1. Michele Barr says:

    I love, love, love your page!!! I really hope it becomes a blueprint as well.

  2. Ann Marie says:

    Beautiful blog, wonderful page.

  3. Lisa Moore says:

    I loved reading about the Christmas time with family and Lady Lil! What sweet memories. You described it so well that I felt like I could see it. Love your page too & looking forward to a blueprint for that one! 🙂

  4. Nadia Angerhofer says:

    Love the blueprint. Is it a p2p blueprint?

  5. Sandy Norman says:

    Lovely story and page. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. says:

    Beautiful story. it reminds me of my family. In 2001 while visiting cousins in California we realized that The last time we had all been together was 1970. We decided to have a reunion in Missouri in 2002. It did take a lot of planning and we were so glad we did. We still had 3 of our Aunts and Uncles still living, 2 weeks before the reunion one of them died. Now they are all gone as well as 2 of the first cousins. We had over 40 people and they came from California, Georgia and Kentucky, along with all those who still lived in MO. It was the greatest experience and I would encourage everyone to do reunions when possible.

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