Our first-born child is Angela Sue Mannino.  She was born on September 8, 1993.  When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited and dreamed of having a baby girl.  I loved being pregnant (not the sickness part) and feeling life move inside me.  Because we didn’t want to know what we were having, we had to come up with both a boy and a girl name.  For girl names I liked – Carissa and Kathryn.  I really liked Kathryn! I was going to call her Katie Sue. However, Tony wasn’t fond of Kathryn.  Tony liked Rocco for a boy.  I didn’t want to name my son Rocco Mannino.  I forget what boy names we settled on, but we finally settled on Angela Sue for a girl.  Sue is my middle name and my mom’s middle name.

Angela arrived before her due date and after about 4 hours of labor.  Both are not expected with a first child.  I was thrilled when the doctor told me it was a girl!

One of the gifts we received at her baby shower was a time capsule. We put several items in the capsule – a newspaper from the day she was born, a booklet of predictions, the outfit she came home from the hospital, and more.  One of the most precious items placed in the capsule were letters to the future.  We had asked family members to write letters to Angela.  Once we sealed the capsule, we weren’t opening it until her 25th birthday.  We put the time capsule away.  Angela didn’t even know it existed.

This September 8th, we celebrated her 25th birthday.  We reminded the family of the time capsule and that we were going to present it to her at her party.  She still had no idea that we had such a thing.  Among the letters to the future were two that would speak from the grave.  One was from her great grandparents, whom she knew.  And the other was from her Grandpa Parker (my dad).  My dad had passed away in 2011 from cancer.

Angela opened the time capsule. She began to reveal what had been placed in there so many years ago. The family waited with great anticipation with what she would discover.  She pulled the letter from my dad, her grandpa.  We videotaped her opening the letter and reading it out loud.  The family and Angela were emotional while she read his words to her from 25 years ago.  I could hear my dad speaking through her.  It was such a tremendous gift.

I have uploaded the video I took that day to my storage account and other videos from letters she read aloud that day.  They will be there forever for her to listen to and to share with her children someday.  In addition, I scanned the letters, so we could forever see his writing.

I have included a link to the video from FOREVER storage.  Having the video plan enables me to easily share this precious moment in time with family and friends. Copy and paste the following link in your browser to watch Angela read the letter.

FOREVER Video Streaming:

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7 Responses to Blog: Celebrating Angela’s 25th Birthday

  1. says:

    Great video!! I love how you had the pictures into the video.

  2. Lisa Purrington says:

    Wow, how special that must be!

  3. says:

    Wow! What a special birthday!! Great ideas!

  4. Terryl says:

    Thank you for sharing the video. It is precious. Your photo additions add to the sentiment greatly.

  5. Billie J says:

    Kim, what a lovely and touching story.

  6. says:

    WOW Beautiful memories

  7. Lori Morris says:

    Thanks for sharing. Loved your video.

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