While there is lots of fun to be had as a friend of pixels2Pages, it is more fun if you are a member.  Now is the perfect time to join!  Whether you are brand new to pixels2Pages, or if you were a member in the past and looking forward to coming back, become a pixels2Pages Member in the month of October and you will receive up to $70 in bonus Blueprints and content.

Everyone who joins with a monthly or yearly membership on or before October 15, 2018 will receive the Generation2Generation Crop Blueprints and Content valued at more than $30. The Generation2Generation Crop Bonus Content includes:

  • 21 Blueprints
    • 2 Blueprint Collections (8 unique designs in 2 sizes for a total of 16 Blueprints)
    • 5 Enhanced Blueprints (Artisan 5 only). Not all Blueprints shown in the image.  This image is not a clickable handout.:
  • 1 Generation2Generation Digital Art Collection by pixels2Pages
  • 2 Digital Art Kits (1 paper kit and 1 template)

In addition to the Generation2Generation Crop Blueprints and content, everyone who joins with a monthly membership during the month of October will will also receive September 2018 Blueprints, and everyone who joins with a yearly membership during the month of October  will receive July, August, and September Membership Blueprints  (27 unique designs in 2 sizes for a total of 54 Blueprints) valued at $40.00.  These Blueprints will not be available for purchase for over 2 years, but you get these Blueprints as a bonus with your new membership.

Within one week of joining, you will be able to find your bonus Blueprints HERE, along with your October membership Blueprints.

CLICK HERE to join pixels2Pages today.

You get the best value when you become a yearly member on or before October 15, 2018. You must become a yearly member on or before October 15, 2018 in order to receive the Generation2Generation Crop Blueprints and Content along with the July, August, and  September membership Blueprints for a total value of $70.  On and after October 16th, the monthly membership bonus will be limited to September Blueprints valued at $13.50.  On and after October 16, 2018 yearly bonuses are limited to July, August and September monthly Blueprints valued at $40.00.

(July, August and September Monthly Blueprints must be downloaded and backed up within 90 days of your membership.  They will be removed after that time.  Your regular membership Blueprints from October and later will remain a part of your membership for as long as you are an active pixels2Pages member.)



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6 Responses to News: October Welcome Back to pixels2Pages Special

  1. roseannemaree@gmail.com says:

    I joined for monthly yesterday do I qualify?

  2. I renewed my yearly membership. I thought that we would get a link after we took a survey and renewed our membership to special Blueprints….Did I misunderstand that? Thanks…..I love the blueprints. thanks, Hugs. Laureen

  3. Carol Cooper says:

    Hey Tameka. I referred someone to the p2P deal on the Forever DEALS page, telling her about all the bonus blueprints, etc she would receive when she joins p2P. So, she joined w/ a monthly membership. I went to the Forever page to see if it states that it has to be an annual membership. It does not. It simply says a person receives $70 in Bonus Blueprints and Content when they join. Unfortunately, the detail of what they get when they join monthly vs. yearly isn’t going to been see in Rabbit by someone just joining. And, I only just read it. 🙁

    • Tameka says:

      The FOREVER Page says “up to” $70 worth of bonus content when they join. Monthly will only get $30 when joining before October 15th and yearly will get and additional quarters worth of Blueprints. Yearly members who join after October 15th will only get $40 worth of Blueprints.

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