Welcome to our quarterly crop! We are so excited that you have decided to join us, because we have lots of fun planned for you.

The theme for this crop is Generation2Generation: Building A Legacy. Every day, the pixels2Pages™ Community posts pages full of photos of themselves, their parents, children, nieces, nephews, ancestors, and pets, and we want to celebrate that! When we chose this theme, we had these things in mind:

  • Children have grown and changed a lot in the past year
  • You may have changed a lot in the past year
  • You may have discovered something interesting or even amazing about your family or your past
  • You want to preserve your story because your story becomes someone else’s history
  • You want to honor, memorialize, and/or celebrate family members or friends and share their stories

As always, the crop theme is broad. You don’t have to have photos that pertain to the theme, you just need to bring the photos you want to work with and be willing to learn something new.  Every page you create will be a part of the photo legacy you are building!

Not a pixels2Pages Member?

While there is lots of fun to be had as a friend of pixels2Pages, it is more fun if you are a member.  Now is the perfect time to join!  Become a pixels2Pages Member in the month of October and you will receive up to $70 in bonus Blueprints and content which includes all of the Generation2Generation Crop Freebies (valued at $30) and member-only Blueprints from July, August, and September 2018.

Everyone who joins with a monthly or yearly membership on or before October 15, 2018 will receive the Generation2Generation Crop Blueprints and Content valued at $30.

Everyone who joins with a yearly membership during the month of October will receive July, August, and September Membership Blueprints valued at $40.00

Everyone who joins with a monthly membership during the month of October will receive September Membership Blueprints valued at $13.50.

You must become a yearly member on or before October 15, 2018 in order to receive both the Generation2Generation Crop Blueprints and Content along with the July, August, and  September membership Blueprints for a total value of $70. You must become a monthly member on or before October 15, 2018 in order to receive both the Generation2Generation Crop Blueprints and Content along September membership Blueprints for a total value of nearly $45.

All bonus content will be added to your membership within one week of joining.  CLICK HERE for a preview of the content included in this promotion.

Click the image below to join. 

Tell a Friend:

Let people know you are cropping with us by using this image as your Facebook Profile image for the weekend. Right click the image below and “Save image as” to get it on your computer for uploading to Facebook:

Once again, we will be cropping with teams.  If you haven’t already done so, take a minute to contact your Artisan-loving friends and invite them to be a part of your team.  Encourage them to view the crop offerings and post their pages using your team hashtag and a hashtag indicating where you are from (ie #NewYorkUSA, #OntarioCAN, #PerthAUS). It doesn’t matter if your team is big or small. Every page posted to the pixels2Pages Community Facebook group that uses a Generation2Generation Virtual Crop offering, digital art from the FOREVER Store, and your team hashtag will be entered into a random drawing for an exclusive pixels2Pages™ Blueprint Collection that will be given to the entire winning team. This Blueprint collection will not be sold in the FOREVER™ Store and will not be distributed in any other way.

Below you will find our Agenda for the weekend. While most offerings are for pixels2Pages™ members, there are several public offerings available, so anyone can participate.  CLICK HERE if you would like to use our interactive agenda.

Please note that the times listed on the agenda are the times when the posts will be published on the site. This crop is self-paced. You decide whether you complete some or all of the offerings. We do not intend for you to get up at 6:00 AM to check a crop post! All crop posts will remain available during the entirety of the crop. Post times vary because we have members all around the world in different time zones. Our goal is to have something posted during waking hours world-wide.

Hooray, Hooray, It’s Mary Day!

We would like to dedicate this crop to Pixie Mary Browder. As you may know, Mary retired over the summer, but her fingerprints are all over the pixels2Pages™ site. We are proclaiming today to be Mary Day. All day long, we will be sharing offerings created or inspired by Mary.

(Click the image below for a larger view of the proclamation.)

Collaborative Albums:

FOREVER Collaborative Albums are a huge hit and they will allow those of you who are not on Facebook to share the pages that you have created using our crop offerings. A link to the collaborative album for each offering will be included on each post. Upload your completed page to your personal FOREVER Account and be sure to add the appropriate credits to the description of each page.  When that is done, click on the collaborative album link. Instead of clicking on the green upload button, click “Add from library” to copy your page from your library to the collaborative album.

If you are a pixels2Paqes member, this tip will give you more options when it comes to uploading pages to your FOREVER Account or directly to the collaborative album.


For almost every page you create, you can earn a badge. Badges for posted crop offerings are included directly on the post. There are a number of badges that you can earn without using a specific offering, and they are gathered in a FOREVER Storage Album. Click the image below to go to the album and download the badges that you need. The badges are organized in groups and each badge is named for the task you must complete. We work on the honor system, so when creating your badge pages, only use the badges that you have earned. At the end of the crop, if you have earned at least 20 badges, you will receive a special reward.  NOTE: Due to the fabulous sales on printing during the month of October, our badge reward will not be a coupon for a print discount.  For this crop, we will be giving an exclusive Enhanced Blueprint to everyone who submits a badge page or album.

Goal Setting:

The Bingo Card Template is a great resource that can get you motivated to try new things and complete more pages. It is for this reason that we are giving you the Bingo Card template at the beginning of the crop.

Spell PIXIE by filling any horizontal row. Spell MAGIC by filling any vertical column or spell PIXIE MAGIC by filling any diagonal rows. Every Pixie Magic Bingo Card posted to the pixels2Pages™ Community Facebook group will be entered into a random draw for a free digital art kit. Those of you who are not on Facebook can CLICK HERE to add to the Bingo Collaborative Album. Your Bingo badge is included in the zipped folder.

Note: This template is in a zipped folder. You will need to unzip the folder to access and use the Bingo Card Template. Save the Bingo Card Template in your Blueprints folder and import it into an Artisan project (just like adding a Blueprint).  Fill the photo holders on the Bingo Card with .jpgs of your completed pages. To save pages from your projects, go to File>Save As> Export multiple pages> Selected pages. Choose the pages you wish to export and select okay. 72 DPI is a suitable size.


Be sure to share your pages in the pixels2Pages™ Community Facebook group and use this hashtag in your credits:


Our Gift to You!

We always kick off the crop with an exclusive gift for our pixels2Pages™ members.  This Generation2Generation Crop Kit was created especially for you. The kit contains a large variety of elements that can be used on just about any type of page. It has the perfect mix of textured and patterned papers along with themed frames, masks, overlays, word art, tags and more. pixels2Pages™ members can click the image below to go to a page with a direct download.


We have not forgotten about our friends of pixels2Pages™! Even though you may not be a member at this time, we want you to join the fun. Click the image below to download a predesigned page created using our Generation2Generation Crop Kit.


(Note to Members: This predesigned page is included in your full crop kit download. You do not need to download this predesigned page separately.)

Please use the following hashtag when posting your pages to the pixels2Pages Community:


Not on Facebook?

CLICK HERE to add your page to our FOREVER™ Collaborative Album.


After you have created a page using this offering, be sure to collect this badge. Simply right click the image, “copy the image,” and then go to your Artisan project> photos panel, right click and paste your badge. It will be in your photos panel for safe keeping until you are ready to create your badge page. Alternatively, you can right click and copy your image, and then paste or “save image as” your badge into a folder on your computer.


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14 Responses to Welcome to the Generation2Generation Virtual Crop

  1. hadle.farm@gmail.com says:

    Is the bingo template the same as last virtual crop?

  2. heatheraward@msn.com says:

    The bingo badge is not in the zipped folder I downloaded. Only the template is there? Where can I get the badge? thank you!

  3. Heather Olson says:

    I’m so looking forward to G2G! Quick question – this is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I’m not home. How long will everything be available to download? Thanks again for the wonderful ideas, blueprints and goodies

  4. Melita Watts says:

    Addicted already!

  5. Lynne Osborn says:

    I cannot load the predesigned page. I am not sure what step I am missing but I am frustrated because I have added pre-designed pages before. I know that it is supposed to be in the member kit but I can’t get it. Aaaaargh!

    • Kim says:

      The predesigned page is a template. From the Home Ribbon, click on add template / from an art kit. Browse to the kit and the predesigned page should be a choice.

  6. Carol Lindberg says:

    Thank you for the gorgeous kit & pre-designed page! My mom took Rob & me to Great Wolf Lodge in LaGrange, GA (about an hour & 1/2 South of Atlanta). I’ll be driving home late tonight & will eagerly start the crop tomorrow. I tried to work the trip so I didn’t have to miss the first day of the crop but with a high school freshman’s schedule – Boy Scouts, Marching Band, Homecoming Dance . . . I had to miss today!

  7. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Everything looks wonderful — thanks for these fantastic gifts for our Gen2Gen Crop!!

  8. Johnnie says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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