How can a month flash by so quickly? Part of September was like a bad dream with ailments (both of us with bad coughs that just wouldn’t go away). And now here it is – the last of the month and not many photos to show for it. I am so grateful for the years that I stuck to the Day2Day project. Knowing that I needed to take a photo a day got me out wandering aimlessly – good for photographs and good for my attitude too! This year, my plans for Day2Day just got derailed along with a few other good intentions like walking a mile everyday and limiting my desire to eat Tate’s chocolate chip cookies by the handful.  Trust me, they are so addictive!

The Newton Folk Art Show was the first weekend in the month. This little town is just up the road about 30 miles or so. No sign of leaf color yet on the drive up early in the morning. I went an hour early to be able to get a good parking space – learned my lesson last year. My favorite artist is Leslie Hamlin – I love her work and she’s a joy to be around. We chatter like magpies. I couldn’t resist getting a cute little painting on tin of a raccoon. I plan on hanging it in the bedroom that was almost totally destroyed by those cute creatures and their cousins a couple of years ago. The 2nd artist is a gal who collects leaves from NC trees and using a process that involves vinegar and talent, creates ghost prints. One of our SIL’s loves trees and so a framed grouping of 5 different leaves was a perfect gift for him. One of oak leaves will be perfect for Arch for Christmas. Shhh. So much talent in booths set up all around the courthouse square.  There are artists who create in clay, in wood, on canvas, on tin and so much more. Marking my calendar for next year!

Our family celebrates 4 birthdays in October so it’s a fun bunch of celebrations.

Hurricane Michael came roaring into Florida bringing so much tragedy and ruin. It continued up through Georgia, South Carolina and then skirted us by just a few miles. Charlotte, which is just 11 miles away, had lots of trees down and power was out in places for 2-4 days. So fun to have overnight family who were ready to escape not having AC! We watched an old mummy movie. I love scary movies from the 1940s and glad to find out that one of our granddaughters does too!

The sheet rock man is finally here after several no shows. It’s been a production getting the ceiling repaired. First they brought in huge industrial fans. For three days, it sounded like a 747 taking off. This week everything was covered up with sheets of plastic. The man asked if he could just open the windows – ha! Those windows haven’t been opened in at least 70 years. Wednesday he cut out the damaged part and then painted it with Kilz. Mercy that stuff smells so bad! I raced around grabbing candles and put them everywhere in the house. I opened the doors even though it was just in the 50s. Being cold was better than that chemical smell! Plates of sliced onions and potatoes in a little water work well too. Not sure what the house smells like today – maybe a smorgasbord of toxic pot roast?

So today is Saturday, the 27th and we’ve been looking forward to this day for a year. It’s Hart Square Day! All week we’ve watched the weather forecast. On Monday it was saying to expect rain and highs in the low 50s. Can’t image tromping around 200 acres of mud, slipping and sliding down the little hills between the log cabins. By Wednesday it was calling for rain all day Friday. But today is supposed to be cloudy with just a 38% chance of rain. The high might get up to 60 maybe but it’ll be fine. Just hoping my next blog won’t be writing about the broken leg from slipping down in the mud! Oh – but think of the photos!

Happy memory making,


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6 Responses to Blog: October – gone too soon!

  1. adakallen says:

    WOW! I knew you were in the south/east states somewhere, but I didn’t know you were in the path of Michael! What a mess.

  2. Karen Weaver says:

    Hope you enjoy the day at Harts Square Day and that the weather cooperates! No broken leg please…LOL. I’m so planning on making the commitment to Day2Day 2019. I tried it a few years ago, when I FIRST started scrapbooking digitally and well let’s just say it didn’t quite work out. I focus all year long on creating albums & projects for others. I want to have a project that’s “just for me” and I think Day2Day will lend me that. Thanks Anne for all you do & all the Pixies too.

    • Anne says:

      Well, since I wrote that blog a couple of days ahead of time, I just didn’t have the heart to add that I spent yesterday on the sofa nursing a bad cough that just won’t disappear entirely! It had rained all day Friday and the high was 59. Dear husband said, “no way” after the doctor put me back on antibiotics! So I spent the afternoon going between the computer and napping! But heard it was wonderful and the sun did come out for a bit. NEXT YEAR for sure! So thankful for meds that work!

      • Caroline says:

        Lucky you! 59 is a heat wave! Here it rained all day Thursday and never got above 42. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

        • Anne says:

          Thanks so much, Caroline. Antibiotics really worked and feeling better quickly this time. This is such an amazing event. So glad that I made an 8×8 with all the photos from last year! They don’t advertise but still hundreds of people know to buy those tickets in early October. Our friends who did go, said it was wonderful!

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