I went to my first ever professional football game at Levi Stadium in October.  I brought my best friend, Heather!  The stadium is new and is so pretty!  The venue has 3 levels with exclusive clubs on each level.  They also have a museum, but I did not have the opportunity to tour it.

Now, before I talk about going into the game I must tell you a little bit about me.  I am a rule follower!  I very RARELY break rules.  And if I do, you can see it all over my face.  As I mentioned earlier, I brought Heather with me to the game.  I would say that Heather is the best bad influence in my life.  She has a way to bring out the fun with just a little rule breaking.  Heather has a cancer (cutaneous T-cell lymphoma) that makes it important that she use sunscreen for any amount of sun exposure.  So, when she told me she was bringing special sunscreen I thought it was for her cancer.  Turns out, the sunscreen bottle was designed to hold alcohol. She brought us some cranberry vodka to share and have a drink during the game.  The thing is, I had to bring it in – rule breaking!  I brought a clear bag with my essentials (license, money, credit card, etc.), some snacks and “sunscreen”.  When I went through security I handed over my bag.  I tried not to have a guilty look on my face.  I got through security!  Not that I recommend breaking the rules, but a little bending the rules from time to time can be fun.

Once in the stadium, we walked around exploring all that the venue had to offer.  The day was warm with a little breeze, so it was nice strolling around.  Eventually, we bought lunch and sodas – $9 for each soda!! When we got to our seats, we settled in.  We poured a little sunscreen in our sodas, toasted to a great day and a great friendship!

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7 Responses to Blog: Drinking Sunscreen

  1. Laura Johnson says:

    I always got caught if I ever tried to do something “bad” when I was a kid so I turned into a rule follower, too. EASIER! This is a great story and I am glad to hear “the rest of the story” about the 49er game experience! (We are fans)

  2. Bridget Clay says:

    Such a fun blog…you little rule breaker!

  3. says:

    Going to my first NFL and Seahawk game on Dec. 30. Had no idea of what you can bring in and the clear bags and all that. Will put my passport in the bag in case I do something wrong and hopefully they will have pity on this old Canuck! LOL

    So excited. Your photos have given me great ideas. I think it is going to be pretty overwhelming. Did you use noise cancelling earphones?

    • Kim says:

      It was such a fun event! Definitely read the stadium’s bag policy! My husband works security for some of our local stadiums (Levi and Oakland Coliseum). Each stadium can be different, but whatever their policy is, they will enforce it. He has many stories, especially women and their purses. I didn’t use noise cancelling earphones and it was ok for me.

  4. says:

    You are too funny Kim!

  5. Karen Weaver says:

    Fun! 😉

  6. Mary says:

    Wonderful blog and glad you have a friend like Heather!

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