We are excited to announce that the first section of the Resource Guide has published!  It will take several months to build the Resource Guide, and it will always be a work in progress.  Each time we add an offering to the website, we will add it to the Resource Guide.  Over time, the Resource Guide will be a place for you to access all pixels2Pages resources, whether they are on our website or somewhere else.  This Resource Guide is available to the public so anyone can see all that pixels2Pages has to offer.  However, most of the offerings require a pixels2Pages membership to view the content contained in the offering.  If an offering is available to the public, it will be noted as such on the Resource Guide.

You can access the Resource Guide from the mango menu bar under Resources.

For now, the sections will be listed separately under that menu.  Once we have built several sections, we will build a specific landing page for the Resource Guide so that everything is at the tip of your fingers.

The first section of the Resource Guide is on Text.  We have gone through the site and picked out all of our Artisan 5 offerings that are related to text and organized them into specific groupings listed in a linked Table of Contents.  You will simply click the item in the Table of Contents that you would like to review and it will take you straight to that section.  Each grouping has a familiar look and feel – here is a sample:

  1. Grouping header and description of what you will find in the group.
  2. Featured images of each offering so that you can quickly see what the offering is about.  These are not gallery images.  If you click on the image, it will take you directly to the offering. Make sure you have already logged in to your membership to be able to access the offerings.
  3. Hover over an offering to see the name of the offering and what type of offering it is (video, Bright Idea, blog or tip).
  4. See the (same) related offerings in list format.  These are also direct links.  Immediately following the offering name, in parenthesis you will find the tools that the offering focuses on.
  5. Shown in orange are direct links back to the Table of Contents.  No need for infinite scrolling, just click to go to the desired section of the Table of Contents and select the next grouping you would like to view.

We hope you find this resource useful.  Feel free to share it with your friends, customers, and potential p2P members.  CLICK HERE to begin enjoying all of our Artisan 5 resources related to text.

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25 Responses to News: The first section of the Resource Guide has published!

  1. Toni McDonnell says:

    Wow… I’m a bit behind reading this. I am very impressed with all the organization, as well as all the info. Can’t wait to get into it. I wonder how long it will take to get through all of it! Luckily I’m going on vacation soon, so I’ll have a chance to read a bit more than usual. Thanks.

    • Tameka says:

      The Resource Guide will forever be a work in progress. It will take several months for us to get all of the Ribbons done, and then do some minor topics. We hope to have a comprehensive Resource Guide complete by June with all of the ribbons and a few topics completely organized. We expect that to be about 20 different Resource Guide sections. This month we have 2 topics being released. A fast formula (coming out next week) which is a small topic overall, and the Cut Ribbon which will be a larger topic, similar to the Text topic.

      We are glad you are enjoying the Resource Guide.

    • Kathleen Eichler says:

      Toni, I’m behind too, I got sick at Thanksgiving, but thought I had caught up on all the p2P stuff… I was wrong… going to set aside an afternoon to MAKE SURE I get them all. I learn from each and every post… Meka you and your team are to be commended. For constantly improving the site as well as the offerings. *U* Kathleen

  2. Sharon Eash says:

    This is great! Thank you!

  3. Sandy Norman says:

    Oh how I wish I had an extra 10-12 hours in a day just to read through all the articles in the Resource Guide. Just scrolling through it quickly made me want to open Artisan and play. Unfortunately I have a huge Girl Scout event coming up this weekend for 2,000 plus girls and still have a lot of things I need to get done before Saturday morning. But after that is over my calendar is “clear” through the end of the year (please don’t tell anyone) so I am going to have lots of time to play and rediscover a lot of the fun things that can be done with this program. BIG Thanks to all those who were a part of putting this together!!!

  4. Nancy Ballance says:

    This is amazing. I have been trying to organize my material and have been impressed with the hugeness of the task. You have an awesome resource of your resources! Thank you so much.

  5. Judith McLeod says:

    Wow! I decided I would go through everything – one step at a time. I’ve been using Artisan for years, switching from CM. So… I watched the first video about Adding Text Boxes, and already I learned something new! I thought I knew it all! Thanks so much to all of you who have worked on this. I am so looking forward to seeing all the future offerings. It will also get me motivated again. I’ve made a commitment to check out something every day. I’ve printed off all the index for the Core Training and I will tick off each offering as I read or watch it.

  6. You are amazing . This is wonderful and I can’t beleive your this far. Hugs and thanks again Tameka or should I say Miss Wonderful. Hugs.

  7. Carol-Anne says:

    This is fabulous! Thanks for this wonderful resource!

  8. Prue Cantwell says:

    Wow! So quick to find and easy to use! Well done

  9. Ruth Bell says:

    Wow! This is amazing! Thank you Tameka and all those that put this together!

  10. Jean says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

  11. Shirle Johnston says:

    This is truly incredible and must have been a ton of work putting it together. This is worth by itself the price of membership. Thank you!

  12. Carmen Franchino says:

    Wow! How cool is that?

  13. Cris Garcia says:

    This is just AMAZING!! Comprehensive, well-thought-out, organized and easy to use. This is going to be invaluable in learning (and reminding us) of all the techniques that are possible with Artisan. This alone will be worth the ‘price of admission’ of my p2P membership. Well done – and thank you!

  14. Amy Cooper says:

    Fantastic… I often think about revisiting a tip that I learned, but get lost in trying to find it again. I saw so many I would like to revisit as well as many I have overlooked in the past. This will not only be wonderful for us members, but for showing non members what we are all so crazy about. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  15. Karen Pritchard says:

    Wow!! Amazing job thanks so much Pixies, looking forward to future installments too.

  16. Mandy Pena says:

    This is wonderful!!

  17. Psychomom3168 says:

    This is awesome! Thank you for all your hard work to help everyone learn, and enjoy using, Artisan!

  18. Karen Weaver says:

    WOW! This is going to be an incredible resource. Thanks so much for all the hard work ya’ll are putting into it. We appreciate you!!!

  19. Bonnie says:

    SO impressed with the effort you all put into making our digital scrapbooking lives SO much easier ! Thank you for this guide!

  20. Alison VanderArk says:

    This is fabulous, you rock! Can’t wait to see “the rest of the ‘guide’ “.

  21. Cindy says:

    This is wonderful! It will make it so much easier to find something (since I can never get the right key words for a search). Thank you so much. I know this is a LOT of work!

  22. Lindie says:

    Love this. What a great way to put everything at our fingertips. Thanks so much. Pixies are always coming up with new ways to make life a bit easier.

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