I am a coffee lover through and through and love to drink out of a good mug.   My mother loves coffee too.  Every month she stocks up on paper coffee cups and lids, but when I go to her house she makes sure to have a real mug out for me because she knows my preference.  It drives her crazy that I would want to wash another dish as opposed to disposing of a paper cup.  For me it is just a feeling.  The warm porcelain cup feels so darn good in my hands as I take short hot sips of my favorite drink.  It goes beyond coffee.  Whether it is coffee, tea, or a nice hot toddy… a mug is for me.

Recently, while washing dishes I started to reminisce as I washed my mug.  As I washed each one, I got warm and fuzzy feelings thinking about the story behind each mug.

Here are six mugs that bring me fond memories.

Beauty and the Beast

This mug is about 20 years old.  My best friend had recently told me that she would be moving to Florida.  We have lived just a few blocks away from each other since meeting in 1988 (Junior High) and now she was going to leave me.   It took a lot for me not to be upset.  I chose instead to celebrate her.  I had just made a good bit of pocket change from building a database for my job and decided to do something to celebrate her.  Toni Braxton was coming to Broadway to play Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  I decided to take my best friend to dinner and a play.  I can’t remember where we went to eat.  It was somewhere in the city near the play.  I know we didn’t go anywhere too expensive because the tickets for the play cost me a pretty penny.  I made sure to get us very good seats.  We were only about 12 rows from the stage and we were center row.   The production was spectacular and I had the most amazing time with my BFF before she left for Florida.  I didn’t have a lot of money for souvenirs, but I did purchase each of us a mug and a audio tape of the soundtrack.   Every time I drink out of this mug, I think of the performance and how important my best friend was to me…and how important she still is.  The distance was hard, but thankfully she moved back to New York a few years later.  Decades have passed, but this mug still brings back great feelings every time I drink from it.

Super Girl

I purchased this mug for my daughter during one of her first trips to six flags.   This mug is about 11 years old.  It reminds me of my daughter’s spirit as a three year old.  She is the same today at 14 years old.  She is full of fire and just simply amazing.  I am so proud of the young lady she has become.  As she grows and spends more time with her friends than her mother, this mug reminds me that she will always be my baby girl whether it is I who drinks from the cup, or if she drinks from it.  She is too young to really understand the sentiment behind the cup.  To her, it is just another cup, but one day I hope to discuss the sentiment of the cup over coffee or tea.


I had purchased this mug for my maternal grandfather as a Father’s Day gift decades ago.   Mugs are very affordable and useful, so they have always been a go-to gift for a young girl on a budget.  The sentiment written on this mug said exactly what I wanted to say to him.  My grandfather could not read, so I had to read the mug to him.  He cherished this mug.  When he passed away a few years back, I inherited it.  The mug came full circle and every time I drink from it, I think of him.



This mug is a little beat up, not unlike the person who gave it to me.   In my prior profession I was a medical malpractice paralegal.  One of my clients, Gemma C., was misdiagnosed and dying of cancer.  She was not expected to live to see the end of her case.  With such a grim future, you would expect her to be sad and disgruntled, but not Gemma.  She was smiling and laughing every time she came to the office.  She always brought cheer to the office even if she was a little tired.  Miraculously, she survived to see the end of her case.  While the settlement didn’t give her her life back, it did give her an opportunity she didn’t have before.  She had always wanted to go to Hawaii and now she would be able to.  I was surprised when she returned with goodies for me.  They included a key chain, a pen and a mug.  She lived several years after this trip, passing away earlier this year.  Not long after her passing, I noticed the handle of the mug had broken off in the sink.  To me, the mug is still perfect.  With the handle gone, the mug signifies that while part of her is gone, part of her is still here with me.  Her jolly spirit becomes a part of me every time I drink from this cup.

p2P LIVE Cambridge

If you have used the Blessings for Karen Blueprint, you know who Karen Heard Walker is.  In 2017, she hosted a p2P LIVE Event in Cambridge, Ontario.  She was ill, but used her energy to pull off a wonderful event. She made several mugs in FOREVER Artisan to give out as raffles.  She reserved one for me.  The mug quotes me from 2015 FOREVER Live when we first revealed Artisan 5. We lost Karen to cancer earlier this year, but she stops by to spend some time with me every time I drink from this cup.


Great Friends

The last mug I want to share was also created in FOREVER Artisan.  It was created for me by fellow pixels2Pages Team member, Mary Browder.   Only Mary would create gifts for everyone else when she was the one retiring.  I had gotten used to speaking to Mary on almost a daily basis over the years.  Since her retirement we speak often, but not like we used to.  She is quite busy going on many adventures.  Every time I drink from this mug, I am reminded that she is just a phone call away.

Each mug is like having a drink with a friend. They are quick and easy to make using FOREVER Artisan and they are very affordable.  There is still time to make someone’s day.  There are dozens of pre-designed templates available to take the guess work out of the design.  CLICK HERE to see all that FOREVER has to offer.  Make your mug today.

Be sure to check out this blog by Kim Mannino which also includes some mug templates:

Blog: Special Mugs

Blog: Special Mugs

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3 Responses to Blog: Join me for a cuppa!

  1. Bridget Clay says:

    What a great blog. I don’t normally have to time to get into but your story captured my attention and I thought about my collection of Chihuly mugs. I do one after each trip. I am reminded of each adventure when I look at them. I just bought me and my BFF matching mugs. I hope that they become cherished memories as well. Thanks for sharing your memories. Beautiful!

  2. Mary says:

    I love this story. I love “real” mugs too! I loive you too and now that I’m going to be home most of the time we can talk more! You’ve stayed in my heart!

  3. Charlotte Plott says:

    Thank you for your awesome stories about the mugs and what they mean to you. I received a special mug a few years ago announcing I was to be a Grandma! Such a fond memory. In 2016 my husband organized a roots trip to Scotland for his siblings and their kids. There were 18 of us. When we returned, I did make a mug on Forever for everyone with a special photo. Mugs certainly are lovely gifts and gentle reminders of happy days.

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