CLICK HERE for a link to the recording of the webinar (available to the public through December 31, 2018)

Overview of the Day2Day Project

Overview of the 2019 Day2Day Full Year Pre-designed Book Bundle

  • Available in 12 x 12″, 11 x 8.5″, and 8.5 x 11″ sizes
  • 2 Day2Day titles
  • 2 covers
  • 2 title pages
  • 4 quarterly summary pages
  • 53 weekly pages
  • 31 day tabs
  • 53 week tags
  • 12 month labels
  • 1 year tag
  • 24 grayscale patterned papers
  • PLUS 12 weekly theme packages, available monthly in the Forever store (here is January)
  • Regular price of each bundle is $37.50.  Deal of the Day TODAY (until 10 AM EST on 7 December 2018) so buy now and save 50%!!

Working with papers

  • Fill with paper, color, or gradient
  • Apply a color wash
  • Apply a threshold filter to change colors
  • Rubber stamp with color
  • Add a blend layer (paper, color, or gradient)
  • Separate paper colors with wand tool, then fill, adding texture if desired

Working with embellishments

  • Fill with color, paper, or gradient
  • Use a threshold filter
  • Paint
  • Add a blend layer
  • Cut, erase, add to

Plan to print

Here is a gallery of pages shown during webinar:

Testimonials from 2018 Day2Day Project participants:

You really learn a lot about a person just by reading their Day2Day album. I’m doing it for future generations… a new one which will arrive tomorrow… my first great grandchild! (That will be tomorrow’s picture.) Some days you have nothing. Those are the best days because you use your imagination. Other days are easy. It’s a fun challenge! Hope you’ll join us.
– Cathy Edwards

Day2Day is a project where you aim to take a photo a day and create a year book with journalling. I have done it this year – started well and have run out of puff a little these last few months – but it is a well supported program, and you get loads of encouragement and support to keep going. Along the way you learn some tips, take photos based on themes for the week (or not – it is always a choice) and in the end, I know I will have a detailed record of my whole year. I also love the pre-made templates which make it quick and easy to do. The support group is great, the challenge is fun. Forever makes it super easy to do using your phone and having it auto upload to Forever. You just need to stop once a week and put photos on pages and type a few words. Do it – take the challenge!
– Jenny Gilbert

The following links will give more details on information shared in the webinar.  Have fun with it!

Blog: Day2Day – Good-bye 2017, Hello 2018!

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Pixie Power Minutes: Greyscale to Rainbows – Blend Layers

Video Tidbit: Blend Layers – Darken Mode

Video Tidbit: Make It Your Own – Colors and Textures

Video Tidbit: Shape Shifting II: Bowl of Cherries





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