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Here it is, Saturday with just over a week before Christmas. The weather has been pretty dreadful for a week, first snow and now cold, misty with rain. There are piles of dirty snow where it was pushed up by the one snow scraper truck in the county – but it’s melting and the temperatures are heading up into the fifties this week. And there is promise of sun!

Two nights ago, we listened to sweet 4th, 5th and 6th grade voices combined to celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas at a Montessori concert. As I sat there in the dark stillness, with only the lights shining on those young excited faces,  I stopped worrying that there were still presents to be found, blueprints to be created, a video to be recorded, a blog to be written. Being in the moment is something we sometimes find hard to do when there is still much to be done.

Three of our grands attend this school and each of the 3 had something special happening in their classrooms. The youngest is in first grade, and he’d carefully prepared a report on emeralds. He’d written about what they were, drawn a map  to show where they are found (Hiddenite in North Caroline for one) and it was hanging from the ceiling in a section of the room called the Gem Mines. All of the children were supposed to stand by their projects and talk to everyone who attended. He was so proud but couldn’t make up his mind which was more important, to talk about his project or go to the food table and eat cookies!

Our 3rd grade granddaughter had prepared a detailed report on cactus. She had found instructions on sewing one from felt.  She’d made beautiful detailed drawings of cactus found across the country and was able to give a little demonstration on each one. What a special feeling to stand across the room and watch her giving her presentation to other parents. And my heart was full with the kindness of these other parents who made the time to stop at each little table and listen patiently. So precious to have photos of her laboring over the sewing of a tiny cactus complete with small pick rosebud bloom in preparation. For an instant I saw my mother in her, sitting quietly sewing a dress for me long years ago. She would have loved seeing how creative and artistic these grands are becoming. Our  5th grader was one of the narrators of a little play that is done every year. It’s called Von Amsterdam’s Bakery and teaches the lesson of having a generous spirit, giving more than is expected. Loved hearing how the “baker’s dozen” originated.

Last night was our oldest grandchild’s night to shine. He’s started playing the trumpet and his first concert was held in the high school auditorium. He looked so grownup in his black shirt and trousers, hair slicked down, with a smile across his face that made me teary! He was holding his shiny trumpet so tightly but raced in and gave each of us a big hug. He gives the best hugs and is the one to stop hugging last. You know how that feels? To have a hug that someone is happy to just stand there with their arms wrapped tightly around you? Not just a quick squeeze? The principal of the school gave a detailed report on how each child learns to play an instrument. They first learn how to take care of the instrument before they are allowed to make a sound. Did they sound like an trained orchestra? Not a bit, but they’re on the wonderful journey of discovering the joy of learning to play and play well together as a unit. The audience loved hearing about the process and especially enjoyed the rendition of old holiday favorites. But the house came down when one of the melodies featured electric drills held high!

Somehow, all the usual decorating of the Happy Box has just not happened yet. The only Christmas music has been heard in the car! But today will be different. We’ll have our favorite CDs playing all day. The smell of brownies will be filling the old house soon. Boxes of decorations are setting out at the ready. It’ll all get done today because the grandchildren are coming! Do I care if the lower branches of the tree will have more ornaments that the upper ones?  What do you think? The grandchildren are coming! Do I care if they have more fun making snow beards than smoothing it out for snow around the Christmas village? What do you think? The grandchildren are coming!

Happy memories everyone, Anne

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11 Responses to Blog: The grandchildren are coming!

  1. Avril Lawson says:

    Anne, I love your blog 🙂 I haven’t got any grandchildren yet, but hopefully one day! And I will love to repeat or embellish the Christmas traditions that I had with my own kids, Avril

  2. So beautifully written. “The Grandchildren are coming” is truly the best part of Christmas. Thank you for Sharing.

  3. Beth says:

    Anne, what a wonderful read you have given to all of us! Thank you. I, too, really treasure the concerts, plays, and projects of my five grandchildren that are in school. I have five more that are not old enough yet for school so that means there will be many more in the years to come. We too often get caught up in getting everything just perfect for Christmas or any other occasion, but who really cares if the grandchildren are coming! That’s the most important thing–spending time and creating memories for us and for them in the years after we are long gone. Blessings to you and your family this Christmas season.

  4. Francine Holland says:

    I got a kick out of your description of your tree. My tree has decorations at the top and not the bottom – labby tails keep knocking the ornaments off! So I keep placing them higher and higher up the tree… Christmas ~ a wonderful time of year!

  5. Nancy Tosh says:

    I love scrapbook pages where there are no pictures, just a story. Your comments here would make one beautiful page!!!

  6. Karen Weaver says:

    Loved this! I was woken up this morning by little pats on my face and arms by little grandson. Thank goodness for “the grandchildren coming.”

  7. ANN says:

    Thank you Anne for sharing. So true, we get caught up in all the “to do” things we sometimes forget to enjoy spending time with our children, grandchildren, friends and family.

  8. Lisa Purrington says:

    So glad you have the grandchildren nearby and you can listen to their concerts and watch them grow up. Mine live so far away and I do miss them! Treasure those special moments!

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