We have published another section of the Resource Guide.  This section is on Fast Formulas.  We have gathered some offerings on the site that allow you to get WOW results when time is extremely limited.  Click on any item in the Table of Contents to quickly jump to that section.   Handy links are at the end of each section and will take you back to the Table of Contents.  No need for endless scrolling, though you may want to the first time so you can see all there is to offer.

It will take several months to build the Resource Guide, and it will always be a work in progress.  Each time we add an offering to the website, we will add it to the Resource Guide.  Over time, the Resource Guide will be a place for you to access all pixels2Pages resources, whether they are on our website or somewhere else.  This Resource Guide is available to the public so anyone can see all that pixels2Pages has to offer.  However, most of the offerings require a pixels2Pages membership to view the content contained in the offering.  If an offering is available to the public, it will be noted as such on the Resource Guide.

You can access the Resource Guide from the mango menu bar under Resources.  Feel free to click the image below for quick access to the resource guide.

For now, the sections will be listed separately under that menu.  Once we have built several sections, we will build a specific landing page for the Resource Guide so that everything is at the tip of your fingers.

For more details on how the Resource Guide sections are organized, CLICK HERE.

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4 Responses to News: The Second Installment of the Resource Guide has Published

  1. Lanee Willardsen says:

    You guys are amazing! What a daunting but WONDERFUL project you are doing! Thank you, Pixies!

  2. Avril Lawson says:

    Wow, what a wonderful resource. It is great to have everything summarised in categories. This is going to be really helpful. Thanks for all the hard work

  3. Maria Wilder says:

    WOW! Just did a quick tour, Thank you! What a task you have undertaken. I know this will be a well-used tool for me and many others.
    The time, effort and heart of you all never cease to amaze me. My brain and future pages thank you for the ease of finding just what is needed when I need it.

  4. Lindy Stewart says:

    This is terrific! Thank you for all your hard work to get the site more organized. I’m sure it is a daunting task! And now, I feel like I want to watch all those videos over again!! LOL! 🙂

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