How up to date are you on your Artisan projects?  If you have no idea, you are not alone.  Life happens and with every new important task you have to do, sometime your hobbies get pushed further and further down the priority list.   How do you get back on track?  I am grappling with this myself.  I always come back to the same conclusion, one that has worked time and time again: Get organized and get productive.  In this blog we will focus on what it takes to get organized.

Evaluate what needs to be done.   Are your photos organized?  Are you struggling with finding the appropriate content?  If your photos and content manager have been suffering from neglect, the first thing you need to do is come up with a plan of action to get that under control.  Until you do will remain stuck.

  • Set a date. Your time may be limited, but there is always time.  It could be 15 minutes a day spread over several days, or you can have a marathon day.   Look at your calendar and set a date.  Block specific time for you to work on your photos.  Block specific time to work on your content manager.  Depending on your personal preferences, you may want to alternate between photos and content organization, or you may want to complete one before starting the next. Just keep in mind that both photo and content organization will always be ongoing projects, so while you will be able to complete backlogged items, there will be new photos and content waiting for you.
  • Stick to it. Have you ever been stood up?  Don’t do it to yourself.  Show up to your date ready to take on the world.  As you make progress on your photo and content organization, you can evaluate how much additional time you will need and you can schedule additional dates with yourself to get it done.

Another thing I would like you to keep in mind is that sometimes we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to organizing our photos and content.   You should really take some time to learn how to use Historian and Artisan more efficiently.  On pixels2Pages we have the Focus on Historian topic which can be found on the orange navigation bar on the site under Topics.  This has all of our Historian offerings organized under Store, Organize, Protect, Edit, Share, Nuts & Bolts.  I recommend you review the offerings under organize before taking on the task of organizing your photos in Historian.  We also have an entire topic dedicated to Content Manager which is broken up into several categories – which is Get it, Save it, Find it, Sort it, Use it.  I strongly recommend you review the “Sort it” section before proceeding with your content organization.  Make sure you are logged in to your pixels2Pages membership before visiting these sections of the site so that you are sure to see all of the available offerings.

Join me next month when I review some tips for powering through your projects.  These tips will not be limited to Power Layouts.

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2 Responses to Blog: Get it done! Part 1

  1. Karen Weaver says:

    Thanks Tameka. I came back from Forever Accelerate, Dallas, with a goal to incorporate Historian into my workflow more. I’ve not utilized Historian to it’s greatest potential, mostly because I saw it as “double work.” My perspective has changed as I have more insight as to how to use it better. Working on “getting it done!”

  2. Mary Calhoun says:

    Tameka, thanks for the tips and encouragement. I am trying to balance my organizing with my creative-mode. Since I have been using Historian (and it’s predecessors) for many years, it’s just keeping up with deleting, tagging and rating. I’m about 1/2 done with 2018 and trying to power through in just a couple of months. I’m going through all my content, new and old in A5 as well, a bit at a time. Looking forward to next month’s crop!!!

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