We have published another section of the Resource Guide.  This section focuses on the Cut Ribbon.  We have organized this segment of the Resource Guide to follow the Cut Ribbon as it appears in Artisan 5.   We start out with fundamentals/basic instruction, then we have gathered all of the offerings on our site that have applications of  the tools featured on the Cut Ribbon.  Handy links are at the end of each section and will take you back to the Table of Contents so that with one click you are at the section you would like to view.  No need for endless scrolling, though you may want to scroll the first time so you can see all there is to offer.

It will take several months to build the Resource Guide, and it will always be a work in progress.  Every month we will add our recent offerings to the existing segments of the Resource Guide.  Over time, the Resource Guide will be a place for you to access all pixels2Pages resources, whether they are on our website or somewhere else.  This Resource Guide is available to the public so anyone can see all that pixels2Pages has to offer.  However, most of the offerings require a pixels2Pages membership to view the content contained in the offering.  If an offering is available to the public, it will be noted as such on the Resource Guide.

You can access the Resource Guide from the mango menu bar under Resources.  Feel free to click the image below for quick access to the resource guide.

For now, the sections will be listed separately under that menu.  Once we have built several sections, we will build a specific landing page for the Resource Guide so that everything is at the tip of your fingers.

For more details on how the Resource Guide sections are organized, CLICK HERE.

The next installment of the Resource Guide will publish in March 2019.

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10 Responses to News: The Third Installment of the Resource Guide has Published

  1. Rhoda Bolton says:

    These new resource guides are most informative. Having this available for your customer base is a very positive draw for those that are new to the product as well as veterans who may find a refreshing new approach to using a tool.

    The thing I noticed the most with this 3rd installment – The Cut Ribbon – is that there are 5 animation playing concurrently. While this is a cool use of technology, the implementation of simultaneous playback is taxing on those who do not have fast computer connections. It is very easy to forget, when ones lives in a city or town with access to incredible internet speeds, that there is a vast expanse of the US that is rural and internet connections in those areas may still be very slow.

    This latest installment, while packed with an immense amount of knowledge, may find itself frustratingly slow, tiresome, and subsequently not worth the effort to someone with slow bandwidth. I wouldn’t have thought anything about this in my city home where I have an extremely fast internet, but I happened to be out in country in a very rural area when I decided to take a look at it, and found it excruciating painful to sit and wait the animations to load. In fact, initially, I didn’t even comprehend what the static images were meant to denote, until finally one of the animations finally completed the download and started playing.

    I just thought I’d share this observation with you. Once the animations have cached, they play fine. Had I not been interested in seeing how long it actually to to download, I would have left the page and gone on to something else not even realizing that each technique was clearly demonstrated. It turns out it took so long to download, I actually lost track of the time.

    Oh and as a side note, the animation for the Custom Cutter, does not have a title indicating it is the Custom Cutter. That is the animation that took the longest to download.

    • Tameka says:

      Hello Rhoda, we will be replacing the GIFs with actually offerings over the next few weeks/months. They are only 30 seconds to 1 minute long. As we end up with basic offerings for those the GIFs will disappear and will be replaced with an image and a link. Thank you. We appreciate your feedback. Most of the Resource Guide segments will not feature a GIF.

  2. Mandy Pena says:

    I just went through this cutting tool.. Amazing!!

  3. elisabethastoffel@gmail.com says:

    WOW! What you have done is a real improvement to the website! Thank you! I feel like the value of membership has increased significantly because now I can search for new ideas for my pages easily and make better use of the techniques I already know but have forgotten or the new ones I want to learn!

  4. Barbara Layton says:

    Are the resource guides available in printable format or what is the best way to print the resource guides?

    • Tameka says:

      It is not recommended that you print the resource guide. It is more like a site map. It is constantly changing and being updated and will almost certainly be out of date the week after you print it.

  5. Lanee Willardsen says:

    What a mountainous undertaking! Thank you for all your detailed work in our behalf! This Resource Guide is fantastic!!!

  6. Maria Wilder says:

    Love the Resource Guides!
    Thank you, Pixies!
    I know this takes so much time and effort, you are appreciated.

  7. Nandini Trehan says:

    This is HUGE!! Wealth of information in one spot. Thank you so much Tameka!

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