No matter what story you have to tell, there is a digital art kit that will enhance your story.   While the digital art kit may have elements that suit your layout, sometimes the color may not be just right.   DON’T LET THAT DETER YOU!  Artisan has so many ways that you can adjust the elements on your pages.
  • Both Black and White and Sepia can quickly change the color of an element so that it is a universal match for your photos.
  • You can adjust the Hue of your element to change it’s color.  Adjusting the Hue will adjust all of the colors in your image.
  • Color Wash your image to coat it with color.  Saturation and Brightness sliders give you ultimate control of your new monochrome color.

  1. Create a page.
  2. Change the color of the elements on your page.
  3. On a blank page add the original elements and show them next to the re-colored elements.  Be sure to list the art kit and what color change technique you used on the blank page. (See sample below)

To show you just how powerful Artisan is when it comes to changing elements on your pages, we are making the following  member only video available to the public through February 10, 2019 at 8:00 PM Eastern.

Make It Your Own Colors and Textures [8:49 mins]


Share your pages:

  • Layout and page with original and adjusted element must be posted to the pixels2Pages Community Facebook Group before 12:00 PM Eastern on February 10, 2019 and be entered into a random draw.
  • The page must be a newly created page using the selected techniques.
  • Your post must include the following hashtag along with the hashtag on the specific offering you use:
You can also use the individual hashtags on each offering handout.
You can also participate by posting your pages directly into the FOREVER Collaborative Album.  You are welcome to add your page to our Collaborative Album even if you posted your page to the pixels2Pages Community Facebook Group.


Click the image below to collect your badge for this offering:


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One Response to Color Pop Crop Game #3: Color Swap

  1. Alison Skier says:

    This video is so clear and understandable Tameka. You really are exceptional for breaking down a process into specific steps. I don’t use the wand much and have not been very skillful when I have used it. I just never really understood it’s underlying function. You have made the wand tool understandable and accessible to me. Thank you. You really are a rock star in Artisan!

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